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Program Rankings

UHV Digital Gaming and Simulation program is ranked #6 in Game Design and Development in the Southwest, and #45 Nationally, by Animation Career Review. Find our regional ranking at
Top 15 Game Design Schools
Top 75 Game Design Schools.
Congratulations Faculty and Students!!!!!!

Ready, Set, MoCap!

We are another step closer to hosting our fantastic motion capture studio on campus.

Game Cultures Study

We are registering participants for our Game Cultures Study. If you are interested in playing the game "The Lord of The Rings Online" and helping us with our study please enroll by clicking on this link .


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Graduate Courses

Area Number Course Title Description Credits
GMNG 6311 Fundamentals of 3D Modeling Description: Fundamental 3D theories, principles, methodologies for creating and exploring 3D computer models, modeling techniques including texturing, lighting, and rendering 3D models. Apply the concepts to one or more programming projects. A major term-long team project ending with presentation.
Prerequisites: 6 s.h. of Undergraduate GMNG or Instructor's Permission
GMNG 6314 Fundamentals of Game Networks Description: Study the theory and application of massively multiplayer game development. Topics will include design, architecture, and development of massively multiplayer gaming systems. Network, security, and database techniques used in the development process will also be covered.
Prerequisites: COSC 6339 or Instructor's Permission
GMNG 6316 Advanced Level Design Description: In-depth coverage of level design theory for games and simulations, and applications of leveling theory in designing levels, characters, and objects.
Prerequisites: 6. s.h. of Undergraduate GMNG Coursework or Instructor's Permission
GMNG 6322 Intelligent Agents for Games Description: Critically examine what intelligent agents are, how to design them, and how new techniques arising from this field can be applied to problems requiring intelligent solutions in games. Reference will be made to the different types of problems which intelligent agent techniques can help solve, such as automating decision making, recognition tasks, etc. It will equip students with sufficient understanding of current theory and applications so that they will be able to apply that knowledge to address future software and business needs.
Prerequisites: GMNG 3643 or Instructor's Permission
GMNG 6343 Artificial Intelligence for Games Description: Navigation, pathfinding, non-player character behavior, strategic intelligence, content generation, conversational behavior, coordinated behavior, learning-player modeling, strategy learning, etc. Combine design and technology to craft a powerful, engaging player experience. Readings in contemporary Game AI. Term project.
Prerequisites: Undergraduate Probability and Statistics or Instructor's Permission
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