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Program Rankings

UHV Digital Gaming and Simulation program is ranked #6 in Game Design and Development in the Southwest, and #45 Nationally, by Animation Career Review. Find our regional ranking at
Top 15 Game Design Schools
Top 75 Game Design Schools.
Congratulations Faculty and Students!!!!!!

Ready, Set, MoCap!

We are another step closer to hosting our fantastic motion capture studio on campus.

Game Cultures Study

We are registering participants for our Game Cultures Study. If you are interested in playing the game "The Lord of The Rings Online" and helping us with our study please enroll by clicking on this link .


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Undergraduate Courses

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Area Number Course Title Description Credits
COSC 1301 Technology and Problem Solving Description: Introduction to technology, algorithmic problem solving and their applications for students in sciences, humanities, social sciences and business.
Prerequisites: None
COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I Description: Topics include fundamental concepts of programming, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, and the methods of running, testing and debugging.
Prerequisites: None
COSC 1437 Programming Fundamentals II Description: Topics include fundamental concepts of object-oriented design, definitions and use of classes, basic analysis of algorithms, searching and sorting techniques, and an introduction to software engineering.
Prerequisites: COSC 1436
COSC 3315 Application Design Using GUI Description: Provides a comprehensive introduction to GUI applications. Console-based, Windows, and Web applications. Event-driven programming model. Rapid application development techniques. Create user-defined classes and stand-alone class libraries.
Prerequisites: COSC 1437 or COSC 3317 co-enrollment
COSC 3475 Computer Graphics and Applications Description: Topics include software and hardware required for computer graphics systems; data structures, programming languages and software systems as they apply to graphics systems.
Prerequisites: COSC 3331
GMNG 3310 3D Modeling Description: Fundamental 3D theories, principles, methodologies for creating and exploring 3D computer models.
Prerequisites: None
GMNG 4300 Special Topics in Digital Gaming and Simulation Description: A course in the BS in Computer Science and BAAS with Concentration in Digital Gaming and Simulation.
Prerequisites: None
GMNG 4305 Gaming Internship Description: Provides students the opportunity to apply classroom theory to actual practice and to broaden their experience by exposure to industrial practice in Gaming or Simulation.
Prerequisites: COSC 3331; 6 s.h. UD GMNG course with a minimum grade of 'B'
GMNG 4310 Advanced Game Programming with DirectX Description: Provides an advanced knowledge of programming interactive computer graphics, with an emphasis on game development, using real?time shaders with DirectX.
Prerequisites: DirectX Programming or Instructor's Permission
GMNG 4311 Advanced 3D Modeling Description: Fundamental 3D theories, principles, methodologies for creating and exploring 3D computer models, modeling techniques including texturing, lighting, and rendering 3D models. Apply the concepts to one or more programming projects. A major term?long team project ending with a presentation.
Prerequisites: GMNG 3310 or Instructor's Permission
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