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Program Rankings

UHV Digital Gaming and Simulation program is ranked #6 in Game Design and Development in the Southwest, and #45 Nationally, by Animation Career Review. Find our regional ranking at
Top 15 Game Design Schools
Top 75 Game Design Schools.
Congratulations Faculty and Students!!!!!!

Ready, Set, MoCap!

We are another step closer to hosting our fantastic motion capture studio on campus.

Game Cultures Study

We are registering participants for our Game Cultures Study. If you are interested in playing the game "The Lord of The Rings Online" and helping us with our study please enroll by clicking on this link .

Computation and Advanced Visualization Engineering Lab.

This advanced laboratory hosts a large number of Vicon T160 cameras. The lab is utilized for research and teaching within the Digital Gaming and Simulation program. Please visit the lab webpage here for more information.

High School Robotics

We host a year-long after school robotics and simulation program for high school students. For more information please visit the robotics website.

Student Projects

Our students develop projects with state-of-the-art technologies at multiple laboratories on campus.


Please browse our website to learn more about our program, activities, and facility.

You can also check out our Artificial Intelligence group and our Computation & Advanced Visualization Engineering Laboratory.

Powered By Unreal

Unreal Engine is the game engine we utilize in our program for research and education. Our students learn to create ultra-realistic games and simulation contents with this state-of-the-art engine, using both C++ and Unreal's Kismet and Blueprint visual scripting languages.


High School Robotics

Please visit our High School Robotics Consortium website to learn more about this R&D program for high school students.

Digital Gaming and Simulation

This unique program may be pursued as a part of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Bachelor of Applied Art and Science degree programs. Please click here for more information.

9th rock!

Math and CS Awareness

More information about the annual Mathematics and Computer Science Awareness event on our campus is available on the Math and Computer Science Day website.

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