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Freshman Advising and Registration for Classes

Notice regarding the TSI...

If you’re graduating high school this year, there is a chance that your End-of-Course (EOC) STAAR exam will not satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) enrollment standard for UHV.

To be enrollment eligible, students will need to pass:

  • STAAR English III (min. score of 2000 of level II)
  • STAAR Algebra II (min. score of 4000 of level II)
If you are not sure whether your TSI score satisfies our enrollment requirement, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Please call the Admissions and Student Recruitment office at 361-570-4110 or email us at

Students must be TSI complete in Reading and Writing sections in order to participate in the registration days and sign up for classes. If you are unsure of your TSI status, please contact or call 361-570-4865 for more information.

Welcome to the University of Houston-Victoria! We are delighted that you have been accepted to our institution, and we now invite you to plan to register for classes. Please visit our Academic Calendar for registration dates and deadlines.

  1. CALL or EMAIL US!
    For your convenience, we can advise and register you directly by email or phone. Just email us at or call 361-570-4362 and let us know you would like to be advised and registered for your courses. If you don’t have the time right now to select your courses, we’ll even find all the classes for you and send you your registration information once you give us permission to do so.
    If you prefer to have the personal touch, you can be advised and registered for classes by visiting our campus – anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Advisors will help you develop your class schedule, and staff members will assist you with the requirements of other parts of the registration process, including financial aid and student housing. If you have any questions prior to visiting campus about advising and registration, you can email us at or call 361-570-4362.
    See below.

Each Advising and Registration Day is a fun, information-packed session on the Victoria campus during which incoming freshmen are advised about courses and majors and register, or enroll, for their fall semester courses. During the event, students also meet current UHV students, and learn about financial aid, tuition and fee payments, Jaguar Cards, student life, and campus housing and dining. Plan to arrive by 8:30 - 9:00 am if you have a morning session, and to be on campus most of the day. Information about the spring and summer 2014 Advising and Registration Days will be posted here … so please check back frequently to view newly posted, helpful information as your Advising and Registration Day nears. Call 361-570-4865 if you need additional help.

Students must be TSI compete in Reading and Writing sections in order to participate in the Advising and Registration Days and select classes. If you are unsure of your TSI status, please contact or call 361-570-4865 for more information.

Students who don’t meet the established minimum passing standards for college readiness are considered TSI incomplete. Although being TSI incomplete does not affect your admission to an institution of higher education, it does affect your ability to register for certain university classes.

Students who are TSI incomplete in math cannot take any university math-based courses until they have completed their TSI requirement. Most majors require at least one math-based course.

Students who are TSI incomplete in reading and/or writing must become TSI complete prior to taking college courses, since most courses have heavy reading/writing components.

Students can become TSI complete in various ways, including completing a foundational or developmental math class in the summer and having the transcript sent to UHV Admissions Office, or taking and achieving the required minimum passing standard on the TSI assessment exam through a testing center, making sure those scores go to the UHV Admissions Office. To take the exams at UHV, contact Testing Services by emailing or phoning 361-570-4285. Also, view our webpage on TSI.

Overnight accommodations:

Should you need or want to stay overnight in Victoria when you come to UHV, you can opt to stay in a residence hall (click blue box on left and complete the form) or in a hotel. Because of increasing economic development in the area, hotel rooms should be booked well in advance.


Parents and guests may not accompany students to advising and registration sessions, however, parents are welcome to attend Parent Orientation at 10:30 am, and visit with UHV staff and students. Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate other visitors and children, so we encourage you to make arrangements accordingly.


Please park in lots Q and S on the UHV campus. From Ben Wilson Street, turn west onto the perimeter road that runs beside our fenced-in Soccer Field. Look for the signs.


You can check in when you arrive in the foyer of the University Center building, the three-story building off Ben Wilson Street.

Places to Visit on Campus:

When you come to Advising and Registration Days at UHV, you will want to visit, if needed, the Offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Bursar for personalized assistance. Additionally, you’ll want to visit Jaguar Hall, our freshman residence, for housing information and a taste of UHV student life! You can purchase Jaguar Gear (T-shirts, etc). Even if you will not be living in student housing, you’ll want to visit Jaguar Hall and see the Student Services and classroom facilities in this building.

HELP area:

A well-marked area in the University Center building will be staffed with individuals who can address problems and questions that might arise during the day. We can provide directions to appropriate offices for services you need to get acquainted with UHV and prepared for the fall semester.