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Employee Travel Information

It is the policy of the institution that all reasonable expenses for official travel shall be reimbursed in accordance with the guidelines set forth below. It is recognized that exceptions are necessary from time to time and these should be cleared, in advance if possible, through the Finance Department.



Airplane. Air coach (or other intermediate class) should be used in the interest of economy. If such accommodations are not available to use, the next highest class travel is allowable if a proper explanation is provided on the travel expense voucher. Ticket stubs must be attached to the voucher for reimbursement and dates of travel must agree.

Personal vehicle. Travel by private automobile is reimbursable at the current State mileage rate per mile, provided such total reimbursement does not exceed equivalent air coach fare or other reasonable available transportation. Necessary extra costs for food or lodging while en route are not reimbursable if the traveler is reimbursed on a mileage basis in preference to air travel or other public transportation.

The Texas Mileage guide shows the mileage between two locations. The electronic mileage guide is adopted under TEX.GOV'T CODE ANN. 660.053(a)(2)-(3). It is intended as a guide for state employees to use when traveling by automobile.

Click below for easy access to the "Texas Mileage Guide"

Taxi, Bus or Limo Service. Fares including reasonable tips are allowable if no other reasonable public transportation is available. Receipts must be attached to the voucher for reimbursement.


Meals. Meals are reimbursable if staying over night in accordance with the per diem meal schedule. Meal expense should be claimed only when there is actual meal expense (e.g. not when the meal is on an airplane, not at a meeting where the registration fee includes a meal or meals, etc.). Per diem meal receipts are not required. Note: A continental breakfast is considered a meal provided and should not be claimed by the traveler.

Hotel. Actual reasonable hotel expense when supported by receipts is reimbursable from local funds. From state funds the maximum allowed cannot exceed current lodging rates.

The Out-of-State Meals and Lodging Rates and Median Rates are available on the Window of State Government BBS. Use the following directions to locate the Out-of-State Meal and Lodging Rates on the BBS:

Go to Window on State Government

A Hotel Tax Exempt Form must be completed and provided to the hotel by the traveler. A copy of the form can be found on the web at

Other Necessary Miscellaneous Expenses. Reimbursement is provided if properly explained and if supported by receipts for expenses. (Expenses include such items as special fees for foreign travel, costs of obtaining passports, registration fees at conferences, airport parking, telephone calls (if itemized).


Travel Request. Before any overnight travel commences, an approved travel request must be in the Finance Department. This is a requirement for insurance.

Purpose of Travel. A clear statement of the purpose and necessity of travel must be stated on the travel voucher.

Insurance. Life or disability insurance purchased cannot be claimed.

Acronyms. Acronyms are not acceptable. The organizations' name must be spelled out at least once on the travel voucher.

Cash Advances. A cash advance is not available.

For further information regarding "Travel" please see UHV Administrative Policies and Procedures.