Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 12/15/05

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder  
Agenda Items:
1. Spam Blocking - Eric
2. Telecomm Charges - Joe
3. Utility Cost update - Michael
4. Introduction of space heaters and their use - Michael
5. Shut off of HVAC during Christmas break.  Building closures during break inappropriate to occupy for "indoor air quality" purposes with HVAC off - Michael
6. Custodial work during Christmas break - Michael
7. Fraud/Institutional Compliance Assessment--what's next? - Greg
8. TG EFT Enhancements - Carolyn
9. Statistics on Recipients of CWS, Loans, Grants & Scholarships - Carolyn
10. Self-Evaluations Being Conducted - Carolyn
11. Reduction of paperwork - Toni
12. Update on Budget Development Module - Darlene
13. Budget Desk Manual - Darlene
14. Continue to discuss cost savings and efficiencies - Wayne

New Business:

1.  Eric was unable to attend the Directors meeting and will be invited to the next meeting in January. (The meeting scheduled for January 10th may be cancelled due to a President's Cabinet Retreat).  Karen stated she would send Eric a copy of the next Directors meeting agenda.  Also, Directors would like to discuss training so that individuals can set up spam blocking on their own.

2.  Joe discussed the charges for telecommunications at the campus. Current calls are charged to the department at 40 cents per minute.  This 40 cents includes charge backs to departments for other costs such as DID lines, telecommunications lines, data lines, etc.  The directors reviewed attachments provided by Joe.  Wayne asked Joe to review with James to see if another billing option would be possible.

3.  Since utilities are expected to raise 45% in 2006 and 34% in 2007, UHS and UHV are trying to come up with ways to save money on utilities.

4.  Michael discussed the use of space heaters in offices.  Currently there are only 13 space heaters being used on campus.  These heaters cost the University approximately $2,400 per year which does not seem to be a significant cost to the university.  UH Clear Lake has indicated that they have eliminated  the use of space heaters in offices.  David Irvin at UH Main campus indicated that they discourage the use of space heaters but has not eliminated using them.  The only issue is that the heaters should be checked to ensure they are in good working order and maintain a specific safety standard.  Michael was asked to e-mail those individuals with space heaters and inform them that their heaters need to be inspected to ensure they are meet these standards.

5.  Michael notified directors that the air conditioning/air handlers will be turned off at the all University managed buildings over the holiday period to save in utility costs.  It is anticipated this may potentially save $6,000.   The system will be brought on daily for a short period of time to remove humidity from the buildings.  Michael will e-mail all UHV to inform them of this.  Michael expressed some concerns with indoor air quality if employees occupy the building during the Christmas break.

6.  Custodians will be waxing floors during the break.  The shut off of the air conditioning will not affect them since a filter system will be used to extract fumes while waxing.

7.  Greg discussed the Fraud/Institutional Compliance Assessment results that were mailed to the departments.  Corrective action is due December 31st.  He asked for direction on what approach should be taken with departments if corrective action is not taken by the due date.  It was suggested that a low key approach be taken and that a reminder be sent to departments since this is the first year for the assessment.

8.  Carolyn stated that Texas Guarnteed will be adding an enhancement to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) which allows Federal Student Loans to students to be available no later than the next business day beginning March 2006.  Now instead of disbursements taking several days for receipt, the funds will be distributed EFT to students the next business day.  Adjustments to loan amounts will take only hours instead of days. 

9.  Over $8 million was disbursed to students last year.  Carolyn is tracking how many students receive loans, scholarships, grants and college work study funds in order to use that information for financial aid leveraging by comparing the number of recipients to the number of applicants.

10.  The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has provided self-evaluation surveys for Financial Aid offices.  The survey is time consuming, but provides useful information in self-assessments.

11.  Toni stated that Finance is looking into reduction of paperwork as a result of a request by Joe Ferguson.  It is difficult to obtain buy-in on reducing paperwork for small dollar items since auditors require this information.  Wayne questioned if auditors require information for vouchers or whether this is a procedure from UH System since Procurement cards do not require backup documentation.  Toni will review this further.

12.  Darlene stated that the Budget module development is in high gear.  They have been working on the PeopleSoft budget module and hope to have it ready for use this year.  They are at the point of creating department trees.

13.  Darlene said the Budget department is also working on a Budget desk manual at the Internal Auditors request. UHCL sent a copy of their desk manual to them which has been helpful.  Wayne stated that they would like to start the budget process one month earlier this year.  He asked Darlene to draft a budget calendar moving everything back a month with budget hearings in February.  The Tuition and Fees hearing for the Board of Regents will be held earlier this year.

14.  Cost savings and efficiencies were discussed.  Each director has been asked to review the list and make any recommended changes to it.  In addition, directors were asked to identify the category of the efficiency or cost savings  and send the spreadsheet to Karen to be incorporated.

Round table: