Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 11/22/05

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder  
    9. Marci Wallace - Guest
Agenda Items:
1. Website Administration - Marci
2. Status of Verizon antenna on Sugar Land building - Joe
3. Status of wireless access on campus - Joe
4. PeopleSoft implementation - Carolyn
5. Accounting "101" Training - Toni
6. What is a reasonable base line for developing a contract with vendors? - Michael
7. A-16, Personal Use of Telecommunications Equipment or Services - Greg
8. Continue to discuss cost savings and efficiencies - Wayne
9. Round Table - All

New Business:

1.  Marci discussed administering the individual department's websites through her office rather than through Karen Boldt.  Marci believes that she has adequate staff to maintain the web pages.  Business Services is already filtering web page changes through Web Services.  Wayne asked about Cinco Ranch and Sugar Land web sites, but those sites are being administered from off campus at this time.  Marci will be contacting individual departments in the near future about their pages and asking them to convey any changes.

2.  Joe gave an update on the status of installing a Verizon antenna at UHSSL.  Verizon is in the process of developing a proposal for installing the antenna which should provide UHSSL $24,000 progressively each year with a maximum of $41,000.  Joe believes that UHV should forward the contract to Legal for review rather than waiting for the proposals to be provided and that the contract should require a signature from UHS.  Wayne agreed and has asked Greg to forward the contract for review.  In addition, Wayne suggested adding Dr. Rudley's signature on the contract.

3.  Joe updated directors on the status of wireless access on campus.  It seems the University West building has not been completed to date.  Joe stated that the wireless project will be completed by January 1st.

4.  Carolyn stated that she and her staff have been working diligently on PeopleSoft implementation.  She has completed 20 of the 130 to 140 tables that must be developed.  The PeopleSoft implementation meetings are taking place on Monday afternoons, all day Wednesdays, and Thursday mornings.

5.  Toni mentioned that we are continuing to have problems with secretaries not having bookkeeping knowledge.  She suggested either having UHV faculty provide a general accounting course for secretaries or changing ads for new hires stating that general knowledge of bookkeeping is desired.  Wayne agreed and has asked Toni to get with Laura to see about adding verbiage to the ads that will provide us with candidates that have  bookkeeping knowledge.

6.  Michael discussed establishing a contract with vendors of all trade services so that the University will have an idea of what is reasonable price to pay for services.  Currently, the University calls vendors to do the service when the work is within limits of a delegated purchase.  Michael believes this will assist the University in establish a baseline cost for services.  At least two vendors will be awarded contracts (primary and secondary) in case the primary vendor cannot provide service within a reasonable period.  Michael will work with Greg and Lydia on establishing blanket purchase orders.  Wayne believes that Joe should do the same for wiring installation.

7.  Greg reviewed the changes that have been submitted to clarify the current procedures for cell phone reimbursement.  The changes were already approved by the Budget Committee and the policy will be forwarded for signature by the President.

8.  President Hudson asked that a cost savings/efficiency review be conducted with Wayne heading the effort.  Wayne reviewed efficiencies provided by directors.  A spreadsheet was prepared that incorporated selected efficiencies.  Karen will continue to update the spreadsheet and forward it to all directors for review and comment. 

Round table: