Administration & Finance Directors
Meeting Minutes
October 24th at 1:30 p.m.

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder
Agenda Items:
1. Chamber of Commerce and SBDC move date October 30th and 31st - Michael Ruland
2. Holiday Luncheon schedule and food discussion - Joe Ferguson
3. Discussion on changing equipment allowance levels on Policy A-16 - Joe Ferguson
4. Smart Data On-Line (SDOL) - Toni Wyer
5. Internal audit issues with cash handling - Toni Wyer
6. PeopleSoft update - Carolyn Mallory
7. Website update - Carolyn Mallory
8. Loading budget for merit raises - Darlene Pullin
9. Division performance objectives survey - Greg Fanelli
10. Discretionary meals expenditure guidelines - Greg Fanelli
11. Round Table - All


1.    Michael announced that the Chamber of Commerce and SBDC are scheduled to move into the Totah Building on October 30th and 31st. 

2.    Joe announced that his staff have made plans for the A&F Holiday Luncheon.  The Multipurpose room is free on either December 12th or 19th.  Directors agreed that December 19th seemed the most favorable.  Ham and Roast beef will be served and other items will be supplied by A&F Staff.

3.    Joe requested a change to policy A-16, Personal Use of Telecommunications or Equipment.  He requested that the policy be changed to include  exceptions for the equipment allowance of $200 to be granted by the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Provost.  Wayne stated that the University discourages stipends for everyone and that only those individuals with a true need should be issued stipends.  Joe expressed concerns with the wording of a few areas; however, Greg has already addressed those areas in the newest revision which is pending approval.  Joe was asked to also review the policy and forward any comments to Greg. 

4.    Toni discussed the use of Smart Data On-Line (SDOL) for ProCard and travel card charges.  This new web-based system will allow card users to verify their charges online as well as process payments without the use of a general journal or transaction log.  This system was presented to secretaries at the recent Accounts Payable/Travel/Purchasing training and was well received.  Susie and Debbie are working with UH System to see how this can be implemented at UHV and to be able to provide training to secretaries.  Toni is hoping to have this system available by Spring 2007.

5.    UHS Auditing conducted a departmental review at UHS Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch.  Auditors are looking at UHV's cash handling policy regarding how often the deposit is made.  Toni would like to request an exception for UHV since we cannot meet this requirement.  In addition, auditors have requested we use the zipper-lock bank bags; however, UHV, UHSSL and UHSCR will be using tamper resistant bags.  Wayne suggested rather than requesting an exception, request changes to the System Administrative Memorandum (SAM) that will allow UHV to be in compliance.  Toni will review the SAM and send her recommended changes to Wayne.

6.    Carolyn Mallory gave an update on the Student Administration Module.  She and her staff will be traveling to Houston more frequently with integrated testing at the end of November.  Carolyn is also working on the final table set ups and documents in PeopleSoft. 

7.    Carolyn Mallory mentioned that she is working with Financial Aid staff to update the  Financial Aid web site.  Financial Aid  and Admissions and Records  have some  discrepancies on the Graduate Course Load hours.  For example, 7-8 hours is 3/4 time according to OAR and 6-8 hours is 3/4 time in Financial Aid.  She is taking this to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Committee on November 2. 

8.    Darlene is working with Barbara Duarte on loading the merit raises.  Darlene is working on converting an excel file into a flat file that will load directly into PeopleSoft. 

9.    Greg suggested creating a survey for Administration and Finance Division to see how well the division is doing and to tie it into performance measures.  Joe stated that a survey could be created using Survey Monkey.  Wayne suggested that the survey be conducted on a departmental basis and that the survey be conducted every two years rather than every year.

10.    Greg expressed concerns for formal guidelines for discretionary fund use especially when meals are provided.  It was decided that Greg and Toni would draft a policy for the use of discretionary funds and present it to Cabinet.

11.    Round Table:

a.    Carolyn is helping Victoria College in a workshop to train high school counselors. 

b.    Toni stated they are working on the Annual Financial Report.  The General Revenue and Binding Encumbrances reports are complete.

c.    Darlene is working on budget justifications in order to sweep cost centers.  Krystal is working on cleaning up a six page payroll suspense report.