Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 9/6/05

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid - on vacation
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder  
Agenda Items:
1. Funding of Ledgers 2 and 3 - Darlene
2. Status of TRS 90-Day Wait, TRS Surcharge and TRS Care Cost Centers - Darlene
3. Year-End clean up and Roll-Forward - Darlene
4. E-Check Implementation - Toni
5. Discuss Mission of MPR for Events - Many Inquiries Unable to Accommodate - Michael
6. Status of Wireless Network - Joe
7. Status of Personnel Changes in IT - Joe
8. College Work Study Training Session to be Offered to Supervisors/Secretaries and CWS Students - Carolyn
9. HUB Reseller for Dell Computer Products - Greg
10. UHS@SL New Building Update - Wayne
11. Round Table - All

New Business:

  1. Darlene stated that the Budget Department is currently working on funding local cost centers Ledgers 2 and 3 in order to have the budget reflected in the verification reports for September. 

  2. There is no longer a 90-day waiting period for new employees entering into the TRS system.  Universities will have to pay the State portion of the TRS surcharge for new employees. Also the University will be required to pay the state and individual portion of the TRS surcharge for any retirees that are hired after February 2005.  The surcharge is estimated to be 12.4% of the individual's salary.  Toni and Darlene have created and funded TRS Care cost centers for the additional TRS expenses.

  3. Darlene stated the Budget Department is also working on cleaning up negative balances and are working on a target completion date of September 22 in order to be ready for the roll forwards at the end of September.

  4. Toni announced that the use of E-checks will be taking place beginning January 1.  Students will be getting the information in the mail along with their fee statements. 

  5. Michael informed directors that there has been an increase in events in the Multi-Purpose Room by 20%.  Often requests must be turned down because the room is not available.  Discussion was held suggesting to increasing costs in order to make available security for after 5:00 p.m. events.  Michael stated that he will be updating policy H-1, Buildings and Grounds Usage to reflect the security charge for after hours events.

  6. Joe stated that IT is still working on wireless network capabilities.  The University Center has wireless capabilities on all three floors.  The Library is also functioning on all four floors.  The University West building is not completed due to hardware problems and employee turnover.

  7. Personnel changes occurred recently are Jody Gillit moved to ISS and Stanley Lester has taken the Network Specialist position.  Joe is working on an ad to fill the PC Specialist position.

  8. Carolyn announced that Mandi is working on a training session for secretaries, supervisors, and college work studies on college work study procedures.  The work study guide is available on the web at

In addition, Carolyn is working with Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation to have them provide customer service training to College Work Studies.  It was suggested to have a morning and afternoon session and to invite non-college work studies as well.

  1. UHV had low Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) numbers last year because of the purchase of computer products directly through Dell.  Greg announced that an agreement to use a HUB vendor  has been established to purchase Dell products.  This is anticipated to raise our HUB figures by 7-8%.  The company name is HiEd. Lydia will publish more information to departments concerning the use of HiEd.

  2. Wayne gave an update on the Sugar Land building project.  He is hopeful that Legislature will still meet and find funding for Tuition Revenue Bonds; however, the project will proceed regardless.  Dr. Rudley announced to CFOs that each campus will be required to pay their share of the building costs.  A Request for Proposal should be submitted in October with a architectural firm on board by November.  Current timeline has groundbreaking in February 2006; but, it could be April 2006.  There is still discussion on whether there will be one or two buildings to house UHS@SL and WCJC; however, the idea is to combine services so that students have the appearance of attending a 4 year university.

  3. Round table: