Administration & Finance Directors
Meeting Minutes
August 24th at 1:30 p.m.

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder
Agenda Items:
1. Employee use of E-Smart during work hours - Greg Fanelli
2. City Smoking Ordinance Revisited - Institutional Compliance Committee Recommendation - Greg
3. Athletic Program  What this means to UHV and A&F?  Work impact? - Greg
4. Emergency Restoration Services - Michael
5. Do we begin purchasing those items discussed as necessary if we had to conduct business from off-site? - Michael
6. Need for occupancy sensors - Michael
7. Update on PeopleSoft Training Specialist Position - Toni
8. Document Imaging-Mike Glisson is evaluating resource needs for Records Retention - Toni
9. Changes in IT personnel - Joe
10. Changes in reporting structure in IT - Joe
11. Update on SAM draft regarding the protection of SSNs - Joe
12. Update on Budget Development Module (BDM) Load & Budget Book - Darlene
13. Year end closing - Darlene
14. Enrollment and Disbursement figures - Carolyn
15. Audit update - Carolyn
16. Capital projects & Totah building - Wayne
17. Completing leave requests - Wayne
18. Floor Plans & Personnel Locator on web - Wayne
19. Round Table - All


1.   Greg discussed the use of E-smart during work hours.  His concerns centered around how employee training will be monitored.  It was Wayne's understanding that the training must be approved by the supervisor prior to being used.  If the training is job related then time should be allotted during the work hour for the employee to complete the training.  If it is unrelated, but the employee wishes to complete the training then the supervisor could allow the training to be completed after hours.  Greg will draft up some guidelines and present them to Training and Continuing Education.

2.   Greg stated that there were comments from individuals concerning the smoking around the building.  The smoking ban was discussed at an Institutional Compliance Committee meeting, and attendees were in agreement that something should be implemented at UHV.  Victoria College is following the city-wide smoking ban and has placed three smoking stations around the campus.  Greg proposed placing similar stations around the UHV campus; one at the UC patio and one near the artwork between the Center and West buildings.  Wayne suggested that a proposal from the Safety Committee be drafted and submitted to Cabinet for consideration.

3.   Greg asked what impact the athletic program will have on Administration and Finance departments.  Wayne stated that the program has not been approved yet.  The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) will meet in September for further review and possible approval of the program. 

4.    Michael stated that a team was brought in from Houston to review the campus for emergency restoration in case of a hurricane, tornado or other disaster.  The UH System has a contract and UHV will be able to take advantage of the contract.  Michael believes that the company will be able to assist the University with restoration should such a disaster occur.  The team would take charge of the restoration and provide staff with direction during the restoration.

5.    Michael asked about purchasing items in case of emergency that will allow individuals to conduct business on and off site.  Joe mentioned that he was concerned about not having a policy that addresses working from home.  Wayne asked Greg, Joe, and Michael to draft a policy for Human Resources review and Cabinet approval that deals with the issue of working from home.

6.    Michael asked if he could use the funds from carry forward funds to purchase the occupancy sensors.  Wayne told Michael that he could put it in his requests for carry forward and the Budget Committee would review the request.

7.   Toni asked directors if they had any concerns or complaints regarding not having PeopleSoft training available.  Michael mentioned that his staff had mentioned that it would be beneficial to have training for the new people on board.  Toni would like to advertise for a half-time PeopleSoft Trainer who could work with Na Wu in redesigning existing UHS on-line training to fit UHV needs.

8.   Toni discussed electronic signature and when UHV will move toward using electronic signature for approval of vouchers and journals.  Wayne suggested Toni go forward with the work flow process since UHS is already using electronic signature.

9.   Joe announced that as a result of the organizational restructuring Jody Gillit has returned to the Information Technology Department.

10.  Joe provided copies of the Information Technology organizational chart which shows how he has restructured the department.  The changes include title changes and reporting changes.

11.   Joe asked about the status of the SAM 01.D.06 which deals with the use and protection of social security numbers (SSN).  The policy has gone forward with some of UHV's recommendations; however, UH Legal did not make all recommended changes.  One recommendation which was accepted was having more than one SSN coordinator.

12.    Darlene stated that the budget development module (BDM) load had taken place; however, HR declined the load and had to enter in payroll data manually.  The cost centers loaded without a problem.  Darlene notified departments to check the Position and Bob reports. 

13.    Darlene stated the they are reviewing reports to negative cost centers and are working on the budget justifications and roll forwards for the new year.

14.    Carolyn stated that as of August 24th there were 2,546 active students in the system, and 244 students were registered but not paid.  Wayne asked Greg to find out who was contacting the 244 students to make sure that these students were slipping through the cracks.

15.    Carolyn gave an audit update stating that auditors have asked to review student records.  Financial Aid is providing that information.

16.    Wayne gave a quick overview of the capital projects that are upcoming.  SBDC and the Chamber of Commerce will be moving into the Totah building in November.  Facilities will be busy ensuring the renovation to the Totah building is completed in time for the move.  Wayne and Joe Brannan from the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission visited the Federal Economic Development Agency in Austin to discuss a $1 million grant proposal for the Regional Center for Economic Development building project.  The Sugar Land master plan is being updated and he hopes to gain approval from the Board of Regents in November.  They are working on a Ft. Bend County library in Sugar Land that will support both the University and the county.  Hopefully the construction can start in March 2007.   

17.     Wayne asked all his direct reports to list the reason for sick leave in the remarks section of the leave request form.  No specifics are necessary, just state whether there was a doctor's appointment or whether there was an illness.  Joe stated that the form should be changed to reflect the different reasons for using sick leave including parent/teacher conferences, etc.  Wayne stated he would talk with Laura about updating the form.

18.    The usefulness of the personnel locator on the Facilities website was discussed.  It was determined that nearly no one uses the information on the site and that keeping the information up-to-date is too difficult to warrant maintaining the locator.  Michael will ask Marci to remove that information from the site.

Round Table:

1.    Darlene informed directors they are working on getting the budget books printed.

2.    Michael announced that a new grounds person, Shelly Toulle, was hired.