Administration & Finance Directors
Meeting Minutes
May 23rd at 10:00 a.m.

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder
Agenda Items:
1. UHV Athletics Possibility - Carolyn
2. Modern Academy of Maadi - MBA - Carolyn
3. ADMIN changes for 8 week sessions urged - Carolyn
4. Progress of HVAC chiller at the West Building - Michael
5. Non-Employee Travel - Greg and Toni
6. New Smoking Ordinance-UHV Changes - Greg
7. Alcorn Auditorium Update - Joe
8. Review of UC Multipurpose Room equipment and facilities - Joe
9. Budget Updates- Darlene
10. Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs) and project timelines - Wayne
11. Round Table


1.    Carolyn questioned the possibility of an National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics program at UHV.  Wayne stated that UHV is looking into how to fund such a program and that he estimates the program would cost UHV approximately $500,000 per year.  Though semester credit hour generation will bring in some funding it would not fully fund the program.  This means that UHV would have to find the funds from some other source.

2.    Carolyn asked about whether or not the international programs for MBA and BAAS at the University in Maadi and Mexico would require scholarships or financial aid.  Wayne does not believe that the international students will be eligible for financial aid. 

3.    Carolyn stated that UH will not be making any changes to the "Admin system" to assist in identifying first/second 8-week intrasession courses from the regular 16-week course.  The PeopleSoft system will replace the "Admin system."  Trudy Wortham has called a meeting to discuss how these courses can be easily identified and other concerns regarding the 8-week courses.  Toni suggested that some internal coding be placed by the student's name or address or some local field that can help in identifying the courses for the purposes of disbursing financial aid.

4.    Michael stated that the contract to purchase the Chillers has been signed with a clause at the bottom awaiting final engineering determination of whether or not additional pad will be needed.  Rawley is looking into this and should get back with Michael on this.  Regardless, the chiller has been ordered and is expected to take 6 weeks to arrive.  Currently, it is hoped that they can change out the chiller on a weekend beginning on Friday afternoon and complete the installation by Sunday without interruption of service to employees.  The chiller system will be similar as it is in the University Center building in that on extremely hot days, both chillers will operate to cool the building; however, on cooler days only one chiller will operate.  Also, it is hoped that the York chiller in the University West addition will tie into the new chiller system.  The work will be completed prior to August 31st.  Once it is completed, the chiller will be tied into Metasys.

5.    Toni and Greg discussed non-employee travel.  While some non-employee travel includes prospective employees, most non-employee travel comes from speakers and guest lecturers hired by Professional Development and Regional Outreach areas for continuing education.  Charges are often made on behalf of the speaker at hotels and rental car companies by departments.  The problem is that the travel clerk is not easily able to determine the validity of the charges since departments fail to notify Finance of these charges.  The most effective way for this type of travel to be arranged is by including the travel reimbursement into the oral or written contract with the speaker.  The speaker can receive hospitality service from the department such as hotel referrals or rental car referrals; however, the speaker should make the charges using their personal credit card.  After the travel, the speaker can be reimbursed for the expenses.  Greg stated that a change in the travel policy should reflect non-employee travel.  Wayne asked Toni and Greg to get the information out to the departments on the proper way to handle non-employee travel.

6.    Greg mentioned that the new city smoking ordinance goes into effect June 16, 2006.  The ordinance states that smoking is prohibited within 12 feet of public buildings. He asked what should be done at UHV if anything?  Suggestions were made to simply move the benches to shaded areas under trees as well as to build two smoking shelters  Wayne stated that he will discuss this with the budget committee.

7.    Joe announced that the installation of the projector and screen in the Alcorn Auditorium have been completed. 

8.    Joe had questions regarding closing the blinds in the Multi-purpose Room while using the projector.  During the Board of Regents meeting he noticed that with the blinds open attendees did not have a quality picture.  However, if the blinds were closed the quality would greatly improve.  Michael stated that he was instructed by the Fire Marshall that the blinds could not be closed because the exit doors would be concealed from sight and people may not be able to determine where the doors are located in case of emergency.  Greg suggested that Michael contact the Fire Marshall and that Greg, Michael and Genaro meet to discuss the issue to see if there is a way this can be resolved. 

9.  Darlene is working on updating the department tree with Barbara Duarte.  The department tree determines how information is fed into the budget reports and also how the budget book is printed. 

10.  Wayne announced that the Legislature approved three out of four of UHV's Tuition Revenue Bond requests including a $22.9 Million for construction of the new Sugar Land building, $1.8 Million for a new Allied Health program, and almost $6.72 Million for a Regional Economic Development building.  The funding is not expected to be received until September 2007.

Round table:

1.    Michael stated that UHV's utilities has increased 16% over last years, but that temperatures were higher than normal this year.  Due to many cost saving efforts made by the UHV Maintenance staff, Cinco Ranch has had a 15% decrease in utilities. 

2.    Michael announced that the construction on the steps at the Sugar Land campus has begun.  The handrails are on order and will take approximately 6 weeks to be received.

3.    Michael asked about when the changes to the organizational charts will occur.  Wayne stated he was unsure at this time since he had not had an opportunity to review all of the changes.

4.    Greg asked if a study abroad student will receive other state waivers if they are qualified?  Wayne stated that these students are resident students so they would be eligible for any state funding.

5.    Joe mentioned that UH is looking at a contract with a long distance carrier for a fix amount long-distance contract.  This is not a fixed per rate contract but rather a fixed amount contract so that if the university has a contract for $1 Million that is all the university would pay for its long distance.  Several carriers seem interested.  Joe has asked UH to also look into including UHV in this contract.  If it will be beneficial, Joe will consider presenting the contract for approval.

6.    Toni stated that Kathy Caylor is working on reorganizing the PeopleSoft Financial training and getting it published on the web.  She is still unsure when Linda Urbish may be returning.

7.    Toni stated that her staff are working on notifying employees of end of year purchasing deadlines.  Greg asked Toni to get with Lydia to include purchasing deadlines as well.  Wayne asked Joe to get with the deans to see how many new employees will need computers and to get the computers ordered before the end of the year.

8.    Carolyn stated that Margaret Rice wants to have Austin Community College sign consortium agreements with UHV.  Currently Houston Community College (HCC) has an agreement but has not been following the agreement.  Since only 20 students are involved, Carolyn would like to terminate the agreement with HCC.  This means that those 20 students will only be able to receive financial aid through one institution rather than two.  She doesn't know what kind of impact this will cause, if any, since those students were attend UHV before the consortium agreement with HCC.