Administration & Finance Directors
Meeting Minutes
May 9th at 10:00 a.m.

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder
Agenda Items:
1. College Work Study Wages - Carolyn
2. State Audit - Carolyn
3. Financial Aid & Scholarship Committee Charge - Carolyn
4. Property Management Changes - Toni
5. What is the mission of the Multi-purpose roomWhat are the criteria for determining whether or not an event benefits the university?  Policy states that department heads may reserve the MPR.  Should this part of the policy be re-visited?  We are currently supporting as many as 3-8 events a week, and some on the weekend. - Michael
6. New proposed UHS System Administrative Policy SAM 03-A-22, Use of SSNs  - Greg
7. Update on IT Projects - Joe
8. Budget Schedule - Darlene
9. A&F Newsletter - should we scrap or continue? - Wayne
10. Review department organizations - Wayne
11. Round Table

New Business:

1.    Carolyn handed out a work study wage study as a result of a suggestion at the last directors meeting to raise the college work study wage limit.  Carolyn examined at the past five years, available amounts disbursed, average number of students, average award and determined that the university would be able to raise the minimum wage rate to $7.00 or $7.25 per hour for only slightly more than UHV is funded for.  This request to raise the minimum wage for college work studies will hopefully bring more students in who are willing to work at UHV.  Departments would be required to pay 30% of the work study's wages and work study funding would cover the remaining 70% up to the determined award limit.  Wayne will present the minimum wage increase at the next Cabinet.

2.    Carolyn stated that she has completed the State Auditor's Office questionnaire thanks to Toni, her staff, and the assistance of Don Guyton, Director, UHS Internal Auditing.  There is still no word on when the auditors will be coming.

3.    With the current reorganization, Carolyn asked who may be taking Margaret Rice's place on the Scholarship Committee.  It is still unsure at this time what changes will be made.

4.    Toni discussed the realignment of property duties between Facilities Services and Finance Departments.  Kathy Caylor will be data entering and handling property changes.  June Cernosek will be reconciling property.  This will allow a three-step process in property and will distribute the work load among employees which will allow Shirley more time to focus on events.  There are other responsibilities that need to be revisited to ensure the accuracy of the work flow

5.    Michael discussed the use of the Multi-purpose room and stated that events in the Multi-purpose room have increased dramatically.  These additional events are causing an increased workload for the Facilities Events Assistant as well as those who are setting up the events.  Wayne believes Michael should limit the use of the Multi-purpose room when possible if workload does not allow set ups.

6.    Greg expressed concerns with the new UHS Administrative Memorandum dealing with the Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers.  This SAM will require establishing a Social Security Coordinator.  It has been suggested that this responsibility fall on institutional compliance officers.  Wayne asked Greg to attend the Chief Financial Officers meeting on May 18th to discuss these issues.

Wayne asked Karen to e-mail Janis Newman to add discussion of the SAM to the agenda.  He also asked to discuss the length of UHS legal turn around which is typically 45-60 days.

7.    Joe stated that IT has completed the first stage of updating the Alcorn room with the installation of the projector.  IT is also working on security issues with the use of credit cards to encrypt data. 

Joe also mentioned that if approved, IT will need two servers for IKON.  Greg stated that he received a call from UHS Legal regarding the IKON agreement.  We are suppose to be purchasing the IKON equipment through a purchasing coop; however, we have to be a member of the Purchasing Cooperative in order to make the purchases.  UHS Legal is concerned with UHV using the Coop and are suppose to be getting back to Greg on this issue.

8.    Darlene stated that she and Krystal are working diligently on getting all the approved budget requests inputted into the Budget Module by Friday, May 19th in order to have the executive summary completed and returned to Ed Hugetz by May 26th.  The data from the worksheets have been completed, but they are waiting on the information regarding reclassifications.  Wayne stated that the Budget Committee has been unable to meet due to scheduling conflicts.  He anticipates the committee will review the requests at the beginning of the week of May 15th.

9.    Directors discussed continuing the A&F newsletter.  It was agreed that although the newsletter offered pertinent information, most employees were not taking advantage of the newsletter information.  In addition, there was much prompting for articles from the different A&F departments.  If enough feedback is received regarding cancelling the newsletter, the directors will revisit publishing the newsletter. 

10.   The directors reviewed departmental organizational charts in order to create a pyramid organization rather than a flat organizational structure.  When directors are absent, signature authority should be passed down to a designated employee within the department.

11.    Round table:

    a.    Joe asked if there was any word on the Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs).  Wayne stated that Geanie Morrison is working on pushing the TRBs through the House and Senate.

    b.    Michael stated that electricity usage is down 2 to 5% which is good considering the above average temperatures this past spring.

    c.    Greg mentioned a meeting with Chief Financial Officers and Regent Stephens in which HUB expenditures were discussed.  Regent Stephens would like to see greater diversity in HUB vendors.  Currently most HUB expenditures are through women-owned vendors.  Other minorities can be used even if they are not HUB vendors.  This information can also be included in the HUB report as an addendum.