Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 4/25/06

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services-Travel
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder
Agenda Items: +
1. Fuel costs - Toni
2. Business Services/Summer Flex Schedule - Greg
3. HUB Report - Greg
4. Travel Reimbursement to Non-Employees - Greg
5. Outcome of Indoor Air Sampling - Greg
6. State Audit Questionnaire - Carolyn
7. Recertification for UHV's Participation in the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs - Carolyn
8. Short presentation on Policy Development - Joe
9. Uniformity in Budget Hearing Presentations - Joe
10. Justification of Remaining Funds-Darlene
11. Update on Budget Development Module & 07 budget entries-Darlene
12. E-Check Option - Toni
13. Review department organizations - Wayne
14. Wrap up cost savings and efficiencies study - Wayne

New Business:

  1. Toni mentioned that Linda Syverson sent out an e-mail regarding filling gas tanks in rental vehicles.  To clarify the e-mail, Toni stated that when an employee returns their rental car, he/she should fill the gas tanks on the rental cars to the level that the fuel was when the vehicle was picked up rather than filling the vehicle completely full.  Toni stated that this will help save money by not providing more fuel than necessary. 

  2. Greg discussed the Business Services Summer Work Flex Schedule.   All offices will close at 12:00 noon; however, the Bursar will remain at work. 

  3. Greg provided the directors each a copy of HUB purchases for the month of March.  It was noted that during the most recent 6 month reporting period, the University exceeded it's campus HUB goals of 20%.

  4. Greg discussed travel reimbursement to non-employees.  The previous procedures followed meant that a non-employee would make all arrangements and then seek reimbursement.  Contracts should include sufficient funds to cover travel reimbursement.  Greg and Toni will work on procedures for non-employee travel reimbursement and incorporate a procedure into the General Office Procedures guide.

  5. Greg discussed the outcome of the indoor air sampling which was taken in various areas around the university.  Originally, the air samples indicated excessive levels of bacteria to be present in some areas.  However, after treating the areas, a second test indicated all tested areas were within normal range.  Mold was not a problem in any of the areas tested.  There was water damage in the University Advancement areas and proper restoration and clean up was taken care of to alleviate the damage and stop future water leaks.  It was suspected that books in his Dr. DiLeo's office may have contributed to the abnormal readings.  The books were dusted and the office sanitized and then retested o.k.

  6. Carolyn mentioned that the State Auditor's Office (SAO) will be conducting a limited scope audit which will include disbursement of Federal funds. The last time SAO audited Financial Aid was 10 years ago.  Wayne stated that SAO will audit 30 out of 33 universities this year.  Carolyn is working on a questionnaire that must be returned to SAO.  She will meet with Toni, Lois, Angela and LaRue for assistance in completing the questionnaire.

  7. Carolyn stated that she is also working on the participation agreement with the Department of Education which is completed every six years.  The agreement should be submitted electronically to the Department of Education by June 30th.  Wayne asked Carolyn to run it by the Provost before his departure on May 31st.

  8. Joe attended a training session on Policy Development and gave a brief presentation to the directors.  He provided keys to writing policies and procedures and gave handouts received from the trainer.  Wayne suggested that Joe review the Administrative Policies and Procedures, A-37, Policy Creation, Revision and Recission and provide helpful tips on writing policies.

  9. Joe suggested that a template be created to give department heads guidance on how to prepare their budget presentations.  Uniformity would allow those attending to be able to follow the presentation.  Greg suggested also changing the Planning and Assessment forms to an excel spreadsheet to allow easier manipulation of the columns.  He will get with Tong-Ai and provide her with an example of a form that he developed.

  10. Darlene asked if departments will be required again this year to justify remaining funds in Ledgers 2 and 3 cost centers.  Yes, justifications must be made or the funds will be rolled into a university cost center to help fund scholarships for new programs and initiatives.

  11. Darlene stated that the Budget Office is busy updating personnel information in the Budget Development Module (BDM).  The reorganization has created some additional position request forms that will need to be inputted into the BDM.  Also, department trees may need revisions due to the reorganization.

  12. Toni mentioned that there will be an e-Check option in VIP to allow students to pay for their tuition and fees by e-Check.  This, of course, will create an additional report that will need reconciled, but will provide students with an important convenience.  The University will absorb a minor fee for the use of each e-Check. 

  13. Wayne tabled this item until the next Directors meeting on May 9th.  Each director should bring their updated organizational charts with them.

  14. Wayne stated that a committee consisting of himself as chair, Dr. Don Smith, Dr. Margaret Rice, Mr. Richard Phillips, and Mr. Randy Faulk reviewed and submitted the recommended organizational changes to the President.  These reorganizations will allow the university to more efficiently operate. 

  15. Round Table: