Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 3/21/06

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder  
    9. Kerry Mix-Visitor
Agenda Items:
1. Business Contingency Plan Emergency drill - Greg
2. Blanket Travel Requests discussion - Toni
3. Discuss Incentive Gifts for Attending Training - Toni
4. Duct Work Cleaning - Michael
5. Update on IT Projects for FY2006 - Joe
6. Federal Award balance - Carolyn
7. FY 07 Budget Update - Darlene
8. Wrap up cost savings and efficiencies study - Wayne

New Business:

1.    Greg informed Directors that Genaro is working on updating the Business Contingency Plan and will send ouT the information the first part of April.  In addition, the plan will include an exercise that includes a scenario regarding the Avian Flu. 

2.    Toni discussed the blanket travel request with Directors.  Wayne questioned the need to use blanket travel requests.  Toni stated that she researched the need for blanket travel requests and determined that travel requests are required for 1) insurance purposes and 2) as authorization to travel from the cost center authority.  In addition, it allows supervisors to know where their employees are.  Wayne asked Toni to look into completing travel vouchers for reimbursement once a month for all employees traveling. This may be an efficiency that needs to be discussed by the President's Cabinet.

3.    Toni discussed the need for incentive gifts for employees who attend training.  Much of the training is required and some are not attending.  Training could be reflected in the employee's evaluation and also in determining merit.  This will be added to the Administration and Finance efficiencies that are to be presented to the Cabinet this Summer for discussion.

4.    Michael shared information with Directors regarding duct cleaning both at work and home.  He stated that he has asked Charles Boldt to have a vendor inspect the duct work in the buildings and provide an estimate of the cost.  He also stated that the equipment may be purchased by Facilities and maintenance personnel may complete the cleaning if it is more cost efficient.  In addition, he recommended that individuals inspect their ducts at their homes.  It may benefit the individual to look into having the ducts cleaned in their home in order to help prevent health problems.

5.    Joe stated that IT will be upgrading three classrooms in Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch by adding projectors and computers and other necessary equipment.  The three classrooms are scheduled to be completed before the Summer semester begins. 

In addition, the Alcorn Auditorium will be upgraded.  Joe met with a vendor to see what the cost would be to upgrade the equipment in the Auditorium.  He hopes that the Alcorn Auditorium will be upgraded before the Summer semester as well.

Joe stated that a replacement cycle for projectors has been put in place.  Three of the older projectors will be upgraded this year.

IT is also upgrading an ITV Lab in the Center Building (UC312) to provide an improved projector and images.

6.    Carolyn discussed Federal student award balances.  The Federal College Work Study program still has funding of $10,000 which has not been awarded.  Federal regulations allow the University to move up to 25% of these funds to SEOG Grants.  Carolyn stated she will be moving $7,000 over to SEOG.  Other discussion included the possibility of raising the hourly wage of college work studies.  Wayne asked Carolyn to put together a proposal for Cabinet to review. 

7.    Darlene gave an update on the Budget proposals for FY2007 stating that a total of $1.2 million in new requests and $783,000 in HEAF requests came during the budget hearings.  The Budget Committee will begin reviewing the requests next week and make decisions on what will be funded for FY2007.  Then the departments will be notified of what has been approved.  However, these increases do not include replenishing fund balance and any merit increases.

Tuition increase has been sent to UH System and the Board of Regents will approve the proposed tuition changes at their April 3rd Board meeting.  The tuition changes are an increase in Undergraduate tuition by $11/SCH and Graduate tuition by $16/SCH.  It is believed that this increase will generate approximately $619,000.

8.    Wayne stated that the Directors need to review the spreadsheet that Karen has sent out on efficiencies.  He would like to present the efficiencies to Dr. Hudson in May.  Karen was asked to resend the spreadsheet to the directors.  Wayne will visit with Margaret, Deans, and Dr. Smith on the efficiencies.

Round Table: