Administration & Finance

Directors Meeting


March 18, 2008


Meeting called to order 11:00 A.M..



1.  Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin         6.  Toni Wyer, Comptroller

      Finance                                                                  7.  Joe Ferguson, IT Director

2.  Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services              8.  Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid

3.  Darlene Pullin, Budget Director                                  Director

4.  Michael Ruland, Director Facilities/Services         9.  Veronica Bures, Recorder

5.  John Ellis, Marketing Director


Agenda Items:


  1. Central Receiving Activities-Michael Ruland
  2. Marketing Committee – John Ellis
  3. Update on IT projects and Sugar Land Broadband – Joe Ferguson
  4. Quick review of auditable items on the Travel Request, Travel Expense, and Travel Voucher forms – Toni Wyer
  5. Update on Budget Development and Key Dates – Darlene Pullin
  6. Summer Marketing Campaign – John Ellis
  7. Campus Maps – Joe Ferguson
  8. Discuss synonym for ”Travel Advance” if applicable – Toni Wyer
  9. Exempt Comp Time – Wayne Beran
  10. Chancellor’s Consultant, Dr. Steven Portch, on campus March 26, 2008-Wayne Beran






  1. Michael Ruland stated that a careful look needs to be taken at the current Central Receiving situation.  He made several suggestions to help find a solution to the lack of space in the Finance department which is currently the receiving point.  1) build onto the current canopy (employee entrance and delivery doors, north side of the west building) or 2) put in a receiving point in the new building but that would cause a need to add additional staff for receiving.  Toni Wyer stated that she had wanted to enclose that area before but it was too expensive.  Michael said that the architects at that time were expense but that the current firm may be reasonable.  Wayne Beran suggested that Michael visit with the current firm about the task of inclosing the area for receiving purposes.  Mr. Ruland also stated that the current project in Sugar Land is a little behind schedule but is expected to be completed by the deadline.
  2.  John Ellis informed the Directors that a marketing committee had been formed to encompass all aspects of UHV.  The first meeting was held last week and members were asked for feedback to help the marketing plan.  They plan to meet every other week.  John stated that several positive aspects of the committee had already happened; 1) the recruiters met and decided to put on an open house in April.  Wayne Beran asked how we would get the information out to surrounding counties.  John replied that a direct mail piece would be sent out.  Mr. Beran asked if Public Service Announcements in newspapers and radio would be utilized and John stated that all resources would be used. 2) Student Services scheduled a meeting to discuss a phone number for the “one stop shop”.  Carolyn Mallory said she thought they would use the old VIP number.  Joe Ferguson confirmed that the VIP number had been set aside to be used for the “one stop shop”.  Mr. Beran asked about the progress in revamping the website.  John stated that Marcy is currently working on it and it may not be completed until the end of May.  Mr. Beran stated that the completion date should be moved up and requested that John send an email update at to where the project actually stands for completion.
  3. Joe Ferguson stated that as of last night Victoria College was connected to UHV fiber optic cable to Houston and that UHV could start billing next month.  The Sugar Land official kickoff for laying their fiber optics is April 1, 2008.  The vendor has cable from University of Houston Downtown to Hwy 6, so UHV will be paying for the remaining cable to run from Hwy 6 to the campus.  He also mentioned that he is hoping to interview for the web position soon and that he is looking into access security control along with installation of 6 or 8 cameras.  Michael Ruland stated that the installation of cameras will include the patio area because of the recent thefts.  He also stated that facilities department is looking into replacing the lawn furniture with the type which can be fastened to the ground as a theft determent.
  4.  Toni Wyer stated that travel policy changes are completed.  She gave a brief review of the requirements and stated that the Cost Center Authority will be held responsible for the expenditures once the travel request has been approved.  Mrs. Wyer also stated that training would be scheduled for the secretaries and anyone else who wishes to attend.
  5. Darlene Pullin briefed the group on where the budget is standing.  She stated that the budget module update will begin at the end of the month so that her department can begin entering the new budget.  She also stated that UH is looking at a 3% increase across the board, UHDT is using the merit pool, UHCL has no merit increase scheduled, and UHV is considering 3% staff and faculty but not across the board.  She mentioned that the budget committee is finishing up with budget requests and they should be out to departments by the end of the month.  She mentioned that the final executive summary is due the first part of May and that the Campus Budget Hearing is scheduled for May 26.
  6. John Ellis stated that UHV is moving toward summer marketing campaign plans which include a direct mail scheduled 8 weeks prior to the first day of class and three weeks later another direct mail.  Wayne Beran stated that this is the start of the base year and important that all marketing efforts reach every student in the surrounding counties.
  7. Joe Ferguson said he occasionally receives requests for maps and sometimes gets feedback from those using the website as to the difficulty in viewing and understanding the current campus map on the web.  He stated that we are currently using an older version of the VC map and feels that UHV should look into updating and changing to a more graphic, user friendly version.  John Ellis stated that marketing would be happy to do this.  Joe stated that VC is willing to loan us anything they have to make the changes.  He also stated that is may be possible for UHV to use the drafting classes to help design one.
  8. Toni Wyer stated that while travel advances are against policy it may be necessary to issue travel cards for use during foreign travel and for group travel students.  She proposed putting a specific amount, which would be predetermined, on a debit type card.  Several terminology ideas were given.
  9. Carolyn Mallory gave an update on PeopleSoft issues. She is not listed on the agenda because she was scheduled to be in PeopleSoft training but it was cancelled.  They are currently discussing the modifications to PS to implement new grants and remove obsolete ones.  Her department has started the loans by web batch system which will eliminate the need for students to accept their loans twice making the process simpler.  She informed the group that a new grant called the Teach Grant will require students to do entrance/exit counseling and  that PS still needed some tweeking to handle the specifications.
  10. Greg Fanelli stated that the third floor remodel of the Center Building will begin on Monday.
  11. Wayne Beran discussed each department’s procedures with reference to exempt comp time.  He stated that guidelines should be consistent among each department and that approval for overtime should be requested prior to being worked and it was at the discretion of the supervisor as to whether to allow the time or not.



Round Table:



Adjourn:  1:35 P.M.