Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 2/14/06

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder  
Agenda Items:
1. Exempt Staff Comp Time -What are department guidelines? - Greg
2. Discuss Policy B-11, Manually Produced Checks for payroll during an emergency - Toni
3. Discuss changes to Travel Policy for reimbursements to employees, etc. - Toni
4. Budget Development Module and Procedure Changes for Budget Entry - Darlene
5. Update on the Verizon project - Joe
6. Discussion on moving evaluations to October timeframe - Joe
7. Discussion of the 8 week session - Carolyn
8. Timesheet completion - Karen
9. Continue to discuss cost savings and efficiencies - Wayne
a.  Food for in-house meetings - Wayne
10. FY2006-2007 Budget Submissions - All

New Business:

1.  Greg requested guidelines on how compensatory time is handled.  Directors discussed how each department is handling comp time for exempt employees.  The main results were that comp time should be approved by the supervisor and that comp time should be used as quickly as possible.

2.  Toni discussed the use of manual checks for payroll. During Hurricane Rita, it was brought to administration's attention that manual checks could have been issued if UHV policy stated as much.  The Current UHV policy does not allow manual checks to be issued for payroll purposes.  However, UHS System Administrative Memorandum does not state the same requirement.  It was suggested that Toni change the policy by deleting the statement from UHV's policy so that we may have the option of issuing checks in case of extreme emergency and with consent of UH Treasury.

3.  Toni discussed some travel issues regarding paying for registration fees from their personal funds, the registration cannot be reimbursed until after the travel is completed.  Toni also asked directors to remind their personnel not to use the UHV travel credit card for any charges other than room and room taxes.  Movies and other incidentals should be charged to personal credit cards.  Wayne stated that if someone is doing so, Business Services, which oversees Institutional Compliance, should be contacted and they will instruct the individual in the use of official travel cards for incidental expenses.  It was suggested that Toni include travel information in the newsletter.

4.  Darlene stated that the Budget Development Module (BDM) testing is coming to an end and that the module will be going "live" on March 1st which is just in time for the 2007 budget requests.  She stated that they also developed a department tree with place holders that will allow reports to be run by schools or divisions.  Wayne asked if the departments will be able to run their own information.  Darlene said that currently they will not, but that Houston is working on allowing departments access to do so later on.

Darlene further stated that there will be some changes in the way some things are being processed.  For example:  when a PAR is processed in the Human Resources module, the information will flow into the budget module so that the position may be pulled up and funding applied.  The same is true of setting up cost centers in the General Ledger side:  When a cost center is set up in the Finance module, the information will flow into the Budget module so that the cost center may be funded.

5.  Joe provided an update on the Verizon project stating that Brian Nelson, UHS Legal, is requesting additional information from Verizon.  Shep Poland was given the contract to work up the details required by Brian.  Greg suggested that Shep contact Brian directly and provide copies to us in order to expedite the contract.  The contract allowing Verizon the use of the Sugar Land building to set up a tower will yield $24,000 in revenue per year.

6.  Joe suggested that evaluations be moved to October instead of January.  Wayne agreed since the period covered is from the previous fiscal year. Originally evaluations were done in October, but have since been moved to January.  Wayne stated that he would bring it up in Cabinet for discussion.

7.  Sherry has asked that directors review their timesheets when they are sent to them and mark the hours in pen before returning.

8.  Carolyn provided information to directors regarding the development of 8-week sessions.  UHV will begin offering the first 8-week session beginning March 20, 2006.  The one issue with student financial aid disbursement is that funds may not be disbursed until 10 days prior to the class date.  This means if a student registers for an 8-week summer course in the spring, they may will not receive their disbursement until summer.  Identifying the 8-week courses from 16-week courses are of concern, and it was suggested that courses be numbered differently similar to Summer 1I and Summer II courses in order to provide easier identification. 

9.  Wayne asked directors to consider the idea of reducing how much food is served at in-house meetings.  Is it possible that this is an efficiency worth reviewing? 

10.  Directors provided Wayne with a synopsis of their budget requests for FY2007.  Wayne has asked each director to prepare their budget requests and submit them to him for review by next week.  Karen will combine all requests into one package and make the necessary copies for the hearing.

Round Table: