Administration & Finance Directors
Meeting Agenda
January 23rd at 9:30 a.m.

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services - Travel
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director 8.  Karen Boldt, Recorder
Agenda Items:
1. Notification Procedures for Unpaid Students - Greg w/Lois Lemke
2. Scholarships for Students Who Pay on Time - Carolyn
3. Update on Budget Office training on new HR PeopleSoft 8.9 version - Darlene
4. Budget Method/Instructions and Schedule for FY08 - Darlene
5. Changes in Organizational Chart - Darlene
6. Desk Audit for Central Receiving - Toni
7. Update of IT Projects - Joe
8. Monthly one-on-one meetings - Wayne
9. Round Table - All 


  1. Lois Lemke informed directors that last week she and Chari Norgard, Minnie Urbano, Harry Bashaw, Jane Mims, and Polly Suggs met to discuss calling students who have registered but not paid before the first payment deadline date.  Currently, calls are being made by several offices in attempts to have those students pay before being zapped.  It was decided not to continue to make calls because the calls were sometimes duplicated.  Instead it was suggested that two e-mail reminders be sent.  The first reminder would be sent by the Bursar's office to the student e-mail address.  Then the Thursday before the deadline, the Schools would supply personal e-mails to the Bursar's office so that they could send a second notification via e-mail directly to their personal e-mail address.  Lois stated that Chari Norgard would inform the Provost.  Joe expressed concern for implementing this without the school's knowledge or without going to Cabinet.  Lois will ask Chari Norgard if she would discuss this in Academic Council.  Lois further stated that Chari Norgard had mentioned in the meeting that she would track those students who are getting zapped to see if they repeatedly are zapped.  Wayne and Greg stated that, at the least, new student should be called.  It was decided that, pending approval from Academic Council, the new calling procedures could start with the Summer registration.

  2. Carolyn received an e-mail from Minnie Urbano about offering students who pay on time a scholarship in hopes of getting students to pay on time.  Discussion continued on the rationale of offering students a scholarship to pay on time,  who would receive this scholarship, and how it would be funded.  Greg suggested that we see how effective the new procedures for calling students prior to the first payment deadline works.  The discussion took a turn to include the possibility of using an outside company to assist in handling calls from students. The company would have access to student records.  Carolyn stated that Sallie Mae and other companies provide this service for a fee.  Wayne asked Greg, Lois, and Carolyn to form a committee to see if such services would benefit our students.  Greg stated that he would report back the committee's findings at the next directors meeting. 

  3. Darlene informed directors that her office is receiving additional training for the Human Resources Upgrade to Peoplesoft version 8.9. Changes to payroll suspense reports and the funding of positions were noted. 

  4. Darlene asked for direction on how to proceed with budget instructions given the fact that implementing zero-based budgeting has been considered.  Wayne stated that Charles Bullock had introduced an idea of performance based budgeting.  In performance based budgeting, a department must tie their budget request to goals of the university.  The problem with performance-based budgeting is that while it addresses new requests, it doesn't look at the current department's budget.  However, there are strengths and weaknesses to both systems of budgeting.  Wayne asked Darlene to work up a budget schedule to present to the budget committee.  Faculty and staff evaluations will move to the Fall because of the workload demands that budget hearings and evaluations put on supervisors and managers in the Spring.

  5. Darlene asked about changes to the organizational chart.  The organizational chart was reviewed. 

  6. Toni completed a desk audit on the central receiving desk.  She found some efficiencies that will help that position and Toni will be reorganizing responsibilities to other areas including asking departments to assist where possible.  Joe asked how Toni conducted a desk audit.  Toni gave basic procedures for conducting a desk audit.  It was suggested that Toni provide training to managers on how to conduct a desk audit.  Toni has asked Greg about using state funds for Procard purchases.  Greg stated that other universities do use state funds to pay for Procard purchases.  Toni and Greg will meet to review procedures for state fund purchases. 

  7. Joe provided updates on various Information Technology projects.  Those projects are

    1. Upgrade three classrooms.  The upgrades will include larger screens, new lecterns for faculty, DVD player and overhead projector.

    2. Add two plasma screens in the computer lab used for used for classes.

    3. Upgrade the projectors in the Multipurpose room

    4. Add two new T-1 lines to improve bandwidth.

    In addition, IT will be dropping dial in access because the equipment is old and is being used by only a few people.  Greg asked if Joe could look into installing conference phones in the conference rooms.

  8. Wayne informed directors that he will begin having monthly meetings with each director so that they can discuss any departmental issues or provide updates.

  9. Round Table:

  1. General discussion was held regarding the procedures for policy approval.  Karen will inform the President's Office of what to include in the Cabinet agenda.

  2. Diana Pennington has accepted a job at Texas State University.  Applications for Financial Aid Coordinator will be accepted through January 30th.

  3. Internal Audit will be conducting an audit of Financial Aid in the upcoming months.  Carolyn submitted the completed audit questionnaire on January 13th.

  4. Finance will be eliminating the fleet cell phones since the phones are not being used.  The phones will be sent to surplus.

  5. Joe stated that with Vangie taking the position in Finance, he has two positions that are or will be vacant.  The other position is the part-time Interactive Video Technician which is currently being advertised.