Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 9/21/04

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Karen Boldt, Recorder
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director    
Agenda Items:
1. Contract Administration - Greg
2. How do we best increase the effectiveness of the stop sign at the crosswalk? - Michael
3. Vinyl Clings and light switch reminders - Michael
4. FY2005 Training - Joe
5. Discuss Central Receiving at UC - Toni
6. Discuss the responsibility for assisting departmental personnel in creating PS queries Toni
7. Year End Closings and Roll-Forwards & Negative Budgets - Darlene
8. Legislative Appropriations and Special Items Update - Wayne
9. Roundtable:

New Business:

  1. Greg discussed an audit finding resulting from the recent Provost Division Audit. Some departments are executing contracts prior to obtaining approval.  Greg will remind departments that the contract must be fully executed before any work can be done.

  2. Michael and Greg addressed problem of vehicles not stopping at intersection.  Drivers state that they do not see the stop signs.  It was suggested that flashing lights be installed.  Michael stated that it would cost approximately $6,500 to install flashing lights.  Michael stated he spoke with two city engineers who stated that the lights may not deter drivers from running the stop sign.  Greg said that Security has been told by drivers that they were not aware of the stop sign.  Wayne appointed a committee to review and return recommendations for a solution.

  3. Michael provided examples of vinyl clings and light covers for use to remind employees to conserve electricity.  It was decided that the clings and covers would not draw enough attention to employees so they will not be installed.

  4. Joe provided a list of tentative training subjects and dates to the Directors.  Toni asked if the Excel training would be modeled for PeopleSoft users.  Joe stated that another Excel training session could be created that will assist PeopleSoft users with features of the XP version of Excel.

  5. Toni discussed problems with the lack of space for Central Receiving at the UC building.  Wayne explained that about half of the space in Central Receiving was given to the Biology Lab which required additional space.  Other Central Receiving space problems revolve around supply storage.  Facilities must keep tables and chairs in the Central Receiving area because the Fire Marshall stated that those items such could not be stored under the stairwells.

  6. Departmental queries are taking up about half much of Linda Turley's time.  Toni stated that it is not feasible for Linda to run financial queries due to her workload.  If departments had a library for queries detailing what they were and how they could use the query, the department could run their own query.  Linda is gathering requests for queries used by departments.  The question was raised as to how much query assistance could be received from MaryAnn. Wayne suggested that Joe, Toni, MaryAnn, Linda, and Debbie discuss queries.

  7. Darlene stated that Budget Department is working on year-end closings.  Adjusting entries for year-end will be completed during the month of October.  Carry forwards should be completed by the end of October.

  8. Wayne provided copies of UHV's tuition revenue bond requests and exceptional item requests for FY2006 and 2007.  These items have been included in the University's Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR):

    Tuition Revenue Bonds

    a.    Student & Administrative Support Services Building - a $5.336 million request to construct a 35,800 GSF building for student and administrative support areas.

    b.    Regional Economic Development Building - a $4.04 million request to construct a 30,000 GSF building to house the (new) Regional Center for Economic Development consisting of UHV's SBDC, Regional Outreach's Economic and Professional Development Center, and other entities.  Total cost of facility and infrastructure is $5.44 million.

    c.    UHS@Sugar Land Academic Building - a $15 million request to construct a new academic building at the Sugar Land campus.  WCJC and UHS@Sugar Land would be co-located at this site.  Total cost of facility and infrastructure is $30 million.

    Exceptional Items

    a.    Regional Outreach - request to increase funding for the Regional Outreach special/exceptional items.  The requests total $450,000 for FY2006 and $450,000 for FY2007.

    b.    Program Development/Nursing - request for a new Bachelor's of Science in Nursing program.  The requests total $400,000 for FY2006 and $540,000 for FY2007.

    c.    Center for Mexican-American Studies - request to create a Center for Mexican-American studies impacting the economic development of Mexican-American in the region.  The requests total $200,000 for FY2006 and $200,000 for FY2007.

  9. Roundtable:

    1. Joe mentioned that UH System is working up a contract to purchase anti-spam software (Sophos).  It is designed to eliminate unwanted e-mail.  The software is 95-99% effective in removing unwanted e-mail.  UHV has 2900 users.  Of those users, 90% are students.

    2. Joe mentioned that upgrades to Microsoft Windows 2003 and XP are continuing through October.  In addition, the first wave of new computers are being completed.

    3. Greg reminded Directors of the ergonomic training session and stated that over 40% of workers compensation claims result from injuries that could be prevented with proper Ergonomics.

    4. Michael Ruland stated that Facilities is trying to hire a custodial supervisor.  The position has been re-advertised.  Also Michael is interviewing for the groundskeeper position.

    5. Wayne asked for a price to replace the air condition in the University West building.  He may put the requests in a deferred maintenance plan.  Michael believes that the systems would cost approximately $163,000.