Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 11/10/04

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Karen Boldt, Recorder
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director    
Agenda Items:
1. Building Name - old University Outreach Building - Michael
2. Introduction of Campus Security Officer - Greg
3. HUB Strategic Plan - Greg/Lydia
4. Security of Master Keys - Greg
5. Department Verification Worksheet - Toni
6. Funding of Ledgers 2 and 3 - Darlene
7. Executive Management Reports - Wayne
8. Christmas Holiday Plans -Wayne
9. Round Table:

New Business:

  1. Michael requested clarification regarding the renaming of the Outreach Building.  The building houses the Facilities Services Department and Petroleum College Institute.  It was agreed that the building would be called the Facilities Services Building; however, the sign located by the street should read "Facilities Services/Petroleum College Institute."  The building which use to house the Facilities Service Department will be called the "Totah Annex" since this building is still owned by George Totah.

  2. Greg passed around a picture and biography of the new Safety and Risk Manager, Genaro Cortez.  Genaro was attending training in Austin and was unable to attend.

  3. Greg and Lydia discussed the Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) strategic plan with the directors to solicit input since the majority of purchases are made by Administration and Finance departments, especially Facilities and Information Technology.  UH Main campus currently has set a goal of 18% HUB purchases; however, Wayne believes that the state goal is higher.  It was agreed that UHV would set a higher goal of 20% for HUB purchases.  UH is working with Dell to make their products available through HUB vendors.  In the past, this was a problem because the markup made the purchases significantly more expensive.  Lydia stated that if the agreement is finalized, the HUB vendors would pass along the product at the same rate as Dell.  Lydia is working with Allen Phillips to allow UHV to also participate in the pass-through agreement.

Wayne asked that one additional objective be added to the HUB strategic plan and that would be to create a database of HUB suppliers.  The database would allow users to search for HUB suppliers by commodity.

Toni requested that a copy of the strategic plan be provided to her office since it must be included in the Annual Financial Report.

  1. Greg mentioned that an individual who was issued master keys has left UHV and has not returned the keys to date.  A formal letter has been sent requesting the return of the keys.  Michael suggested that UHV review the possibility of purchasing an IdentiCard system which eliminate the need for keys.  This would allow for better key control.  Wayne is concerned about the cost to install this system.  Joe, Greg, and Michael will form a committee to review the installation of the IdentiCard system and submit a proposal to the Budget Committee for consideration in FY2006.

  2. Toni stated that UH System has revised SAM 03.G.03 which deals with Cost Center verifications.  Some of the changes include the required retention period for verifications.  Verifications must only be retained for the current and previous fiscal years.  All other years may be discarded.  Wayne mentioned that the verifications were not reflecting the funds for FY2005 and therefore were not accurate for September and October.  Darlene stated that typically ledgers are not funded until the middle of the fiscal year.  Toni suggested and Wayne agreed, that the journal to fund cost centers be prepared immediately after the budget has been approved so that budgets can be funded at the beginning of the fiscal year.

  3. Darlene discussed funding of Ledgers 2 and 3 in the agenda item #5. 

  4. Wayne tabled Executive Management Reports until the next directors meeting.  All directors were asked to bring a list of five executive management reports they would like the Cabinet to receive periodically.

  5. Plans for Christmas were discussed.  It was agreed that each director could decide what gift that they would provide their employees.  Karen offered her assistance if necessary. 

The A&F Holiday Luncheon will be held on December 15th or 16th, whichever is most convenient for all calendars and room arrangements.  The luncheon will be for A&F Employees from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and then opened to all employees from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Since the rooms were crowded last year, it was suggested that the Multi-purpose Room be used this year.  Karen will arrange for the MPR.  The main dish will be enchilada casserole.  Employees will be asked to bring a side dish.

The after-hours holiday party was also discussed but no plans finalized to date.

  1. Roundtable:

    1. Wayne reminded directors to review their organizational charts on the web as well as to continue to update policies. 

    2. Wayne discussed the possibility of working with Southwestern Bell Communications to have a WiFi dome around UHV.  This will allow students to have wireless access to the internet while on campus.  Wayne and Joe will be meeting with Mario Morata, SBC to discuss possibilities. 

    3. UH is moving towards a debit card system for students.  The contractor, HigherOne, is asking to meet to discuss how it can benefit UHV.  Wayne has asked Joe and Greg to meet with Walter Hinckfoot, HigherOne, to see if the system will benefit UHV.

    4. Toni stated that the Annual Financial Report has been completed and forwarded to UHS.  Karen has sent the AFR cover letter to Houston.

    5. Wayne mentioned that Dr. Hudson is looking at expanding UHV's international programs and possibly creating doctoral programs at UHV.  Also, the nursing program is still on track.  

    6. Joe stated that approximately 3/4 of the XP conversions for Staff have been completed.  With holidays coming up and the end of the semester, Joe anticipates it may be January before the XP conversion for Faculty is complete.

    7. Michael mentioned that the Custodial Supervisor position has been filled.  Charles Striedel will begin his new job as Custodial Supervisor on Monday, November 15th.