Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 10/05/04

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Karen Boldt, Recorder
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director    
Agenda Items:
1. New baby - Luke - Michael
2. Facilities Services move - October 8 - Michael
3. Web site map information - Michael
4. Carry forwards? - Michael
5. Update on Totah lease - Greg
6. Part-time Security relief - Greg
7. HR PeopleSoft testing/upgrade - Darlene
8. Update on PS meeting to discuss "Who is Responsible for creating PS queries" - Toni
9. Review of forms required for new employees - Joe
10. Status of anti-spam software - Joe
11. UHSSL Heritage Plaza - Wayne
12. Web updates - organizational charts - Wayne
13. Policy review - Wayne
14. Roundtable:

New Business:

  1. Michael announced that Justin Kutzer, Grounds Supervisor, has a new baby boy, Luke.

  2. Michael reminded everyone that Facilities Services will be moving on October 8th provided weather permits.

  3. Michael discussed concerns regarding the updating of the web site maps.  With continuous room changes occurring it is difficult to maintain a current map on the web.  It was decided that the maps be maintained as currently shown with the exception that names and room numbers be maintained on a separate document.  This would make updating of the maps easier.

  4. Michael asked when carry forward requests would be approved.  With one or two exceptions, the Budget Committee has approved all carry forwards.  These balances should appear in the cost centers sometime around the beginning of November according to Darlene.  Wayne asked Darlene to move balances in October.

  5. Greg stated that the Totah lease is with UHS Legal for review.  The contract is expected to be completed by next week.  Wayne asked that Greg ensure that Mr. Totah is aware of the progress.  The lease will decrease from $3,000 per month to $2,500 per month.

  6. Greg will be hiring a part-time security officer through UHPD in order to provide relief for current security officers who wish to take leave, etc.

  7. Darlene informed Directors that the current PeopleSoft HR module will be taken down on October 8th.  The new web-based Human Resources module of PeopleSoft will come back up on-line October 18th.  During that time Human Resources and Budget Departments will be involved in training and user acceptance testing.

  8. Toni updated the Directors on the meeting held with herself, Joe Ferguson, Debbie Jozwiak, Linda Turley and Mary Ann Rivera.  Debbie, Linda, and Mary Ann are putting together lists of queries that have been created.  A Library will be available to users that details the name of the query and what the query will provide.  Also, Linda has contacted UH System to see if UHV can have separate queries maintained for their use that are not available for change by another campus.  Linda will contact users to see what queries are required by the department.

  9. Joe provided a spreadsheet to Directors of forms required of new employees.  It seems there may be some duplication.  He asked all departments to review the forms to see if forms can be combined or completed once.  Joe also provided copies of forms that were difficult to read.  All departments should review forms on a periodic basis to see if information has changed or if the form can be simplified.  If a form requires changing, please contact Karen.

  10. Joe mentioned that UH is still working on the contract for the new anti-spam software.  Greg stated that if UHV does not require a contract, the purchase can be made prior to the completion of the UH contract.  Joe will check to see 1) where the contract currently is; 2) when will it be completed; and 3) will a contract be required if UHV were to purchase the software separately from the UH contract.

  11. Wayne provided Directors with a brochure he received from OUA regarding the UHSSL Heritage Plaza campaign.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a brick or paver, they may contact OUA.

  12. Wayne provided copies of departmental organizational charts to Directors and asked that they review and update their respective departmental organizational charts.  Charts can be turned into Karen for posting to web.

  13. Wayne provided Directors with a spreadsheet of all UHV Administrative Policies and Procedures.  The list has been sorted by due date.  Directors are urged to review policies and provide updates to Karen.  It was requested that a change be made that the requirement to review policies be changed from every two to every three years.  Wayne will review A-37, ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY CREATION, REVISION, AND CANCELLATION GUIDELINES and make suggested changes to Cabinet.  In addition, Wayne mentioned that Directors should review procedures to ensure that procedures do not contain policies.  Policy statements should be contained in UHV's Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual and procedures should link to those policies.

  14. Roundtable:

    1. Joe discussed updating the UHS campus phone directory.  On other campuses, Human Resources maintains the directory.  Information Technology has been assigned this detail at UHV.  Wayne asked Joe to send him an e-mail regarding the directory updates.  Since Human Resources works for the President, Wayne will discuss this with Dr. Hudson.

    2. Toni stated that Linda Turley and Kathy Caylor will be attending a two-day Access training session.  Mary Ann is also giving a session in the near future, but will not be as detailed as what is required for Linda and Kathy.

    3. Michael Ruland stated that Facilities is trying to hire a custodial supervisor.  The position has been re-advertised again.

    4. Toni and Darlene will work together to create a procedure to expedite clearing up costs centers prior to processing carry forward.  This will hopefully expedite the carry forwards.