Administration & Finance

Directors Meeting


May 29, 2008


Meeting called to order 1:30 P.M.



1.  Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin                                 6.  Toni Wyer, Comptroller

      Finance                                                                                          7.  Veronica Bures, Recorder

2.  Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services                                      8.  Michael Ruland, Facilities                                                                                              

3.  John Ellis, Marketing Director                                                            Director

4.  Darlene Pullin, Budget Director                           

5.  Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid Director



Joe Ferguson, Director of IT


Agenda Items:


  1. UHV Website Up – John Ellis
  2. Update Functional Analyst Position for SFA and FA – Toni Wyer
  3.  Propane vehicle for next fleet vehicle – Michael Ruland
  4. New Loan Limits – Carolyn Mallory
  5. Department User Surveys (Survey Monkey or other method) – Greg Fanelli
  6. FY 09 Budget Updates – Darlene Pullen



  1. John Ellis stated that the original timeline for the web redesign target date had been moved up to July 1, 2008.  Three designs were presented to the marketing committee for choice and feedback.  He also stated that he is currently processing feedback and suggestions to produce new ideas and suggestions.  Greg asked what the big changes were and John replied that they were creating multi home pages which would have quick links to each one and the ability to bookmark area for easy return.
  2. Toni Wyer informed that Gayle Harrington the new Functional Analyst for PeopleSoft began working today.  Her desk is located by Melody Olsen for now but the finance department is currently rearranging furniture and working areas to utilize space better.  She stated that Gayle is attending conferences with Lois, Carolyn, and Trudy and reminded all that she is not a UHV employee until August.  Carolyn Mallory asked if she was here 40 hours a week.  Toni answered that right now she is working one week here and the next week in Houston.  Carolyn stated that she had given Gayle information to review so that she may become familiar with the processes in financial aid and that she is working to get access to the Z drive.  Toni inquired is any other access was needed and Carolyn stated that Gayle would need “AskCM” Wayne Beran requested a travel update.  Toni informed the directors that rental cars will be going away and UHV will begin reimbursing by mileage.  She is currently working on a blanket travel request so that only one will be submitted per year and Enterprise is working up a webpage for UHV.  Michael Ruland asked about advance travel stating he had several employees who travel a couple days at a time.  Wayne stated that advance travel is not a wise practice and that the university should figure out whether the employees can use a fleet vehicle.  Michael inquired if the mileage rate would increase.  Wayne stated that the rate is tied to the Feds.  In regards to the changes to policy, Toni added that the change develops more accountability and most of the faculty is ok with the changes.
  3. Michael Ruland said he is looking at alternate fueled vehicles for the next purchase.  Previously propane was not a good alternative but technology has changed and it seems to be better.  He spoke with the manager of Swann, who uses all propane vehicles, and the manager stated that the fleet has worked well for him.  Michael added that the vehicles are more expensive but with rebates and savings they could pay for themselves at 50,000 miles.  He also felt that by moving toward a green vehicle the university would be showing good faith with state requirements because liquid propane atomized more efficiently.  Wayne Beran’s only concern is the ability for the employee to fill up the tank outside the area.
  4. Carolyn Mallory informed the group that there are new loan limits for unsubsidized loans for undergraduates starting July 1, 2008.  These funds will increase by $2000.00.  Dependent Freshman and Sophomore students who previously did not qualify for an unsubsidized loan may now qualify for $2000.00.  Independent Freshman and Sophomore students will be eligible for up to $6000.00.  Junior and Seniors will be eligible for up to $7000.00.  She also informed that each week one or more banks drop from their loan programs and that she is debating on whether to have a preferred lender list with posting requirements.  Greg stated that perhaps we should work up a risk assessment on whether to provide the list or not.  John Ellis inquired as to why a bank would be considered a preferred lender?  Carolyn stated that criteria may be benefits, better customer service, etc… Darlene Pullin asked who makes the decision of who has the better benefits.  Carolyn said that a select group from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee make the decision.  Greg suggested sending it to him to check for DOE compliance and Carolyn stated that if the risk is too high it would not be done.  John Ellis added that from a student perspective it may be helpful to use the list to choose a good lender.  Wayne Beran mentioned that perception is the important factor.
  5. Greg Fanelli mentioned that occasionally or from time to time faculty and staff at UHV need to conduct internal surveys.  He informed the directors that IT has licensed software to be used in conducting these surveys and gave each a handout describing Survey Monkey with instructions and username.  He suggested that perhaps at the next meeting we could invite the resident expert to explain and instruct on how to use it properly.  He also stated that occasionally SACS likes to see results of customer service surveys.  Wayne Beran suggested that we invite the resident expert to the next meeting.
  6. Darlene Pullin stated that her department was finishing up on Budget 2009 and they were almost there.  Hopefully the first part of June they will be able to send the megabud sheets to each department.  She also stated that LAR will begin soon.  Krystal is printing and preparing the instruction manuals.


Round Table:

Darlene Pullin informed the group that the journal process was now completely automatic.  All budget journals are to be entered into the workflow in PeopleSoft and that each signature authority would need to be sure the appropriate areas were checked on their home page to allow for viewing of the journals they need to approve.


Wayne Beran informed the group that Toni Wyer and John Davis along with several others were working on projects for the downward expansion and he had hoped to be done by mid June.  They are working on the business plan for the project.


Greg Fanelli stated that the University provided phones were probably going away.


Darlene Pullin stated that Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch budgets were being finalized. 


Toni Wyer said that she is still looking for efficiencies in her department and that the department had eliminated of excess furniture and office machines to make better use of the office space.


Michael Ruland informed the group that electricity costs had risen 25% in a year.  The university contract is up for renewal next Wednesday and AEP is looking to see if there are any changes that we can make to reduce usage.


John Ellis stated that he and his department were meeting quite a few challenges trying to fill the position left vacant by Darin and the main concern was salary.


Carolyn Mallory informed the group that Crystal Luna, the new financial aid counselor, would begin her duties 06/12/08. She also inquired if her department would follow marketing’s format when wanting to combine three areas to create a web page change.  John replied that he had been discussing with Chari several links instead of specific pages for easy access.  Carolyn also mentioned that she was currently working on a policy/procedure manual.


Michael Ruland stated that the Climate Control Committee had its first meeting but only two members were present.  A suggestion was made to have the President appoint the committee and call the first meeting, perhaps this would promote more participation if the members knew how important it is.


Adjourn 3:15 P.M.