Administration & Finance

Directors Meeting


April 22, 2008


Meeting called to order 1:35 P.M..



1.  Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin         6.  Toni Wyer, Comptroller

      Finance                                                                  7.  Veronica Bures, Recorder

2.  Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services                                                 

3.  Darlene Pullin, Budget Director                           

4.  Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid Director

5.  John Ellis, Marketing Director



Michael Ruland, Facilities Director and Joe Ferguson, Director of IT


Agenda Items:


  1. UHV Website – John Ellis
  2. Foreign Travel – Toni Wyer
  3. Financial Aid processing for summer & Fall – Carolyn Mallory




  1.  John Ellis informed the group that his department was currently working on the website.  He requested that everyone should send any suggestions to him as this project will impact students, faculty, staff, etc…The more ideas given, the better the development will be.  He stated that his department currently has several ideas in the works.  Wayne Beran asked if the new site would hamper those who still use a dial up connection.  John stated nothing was being implemented with major changes that would affect dial up.  Wayne also inquired about intranet services.  John replied that once we go to portals, we would create a separation. He stated that the marketing department is currently developing several web pages and they are preparing to present them to Cabinet.  Carolyn Mallory suggested that the PeopleSoft and Email sign in is clearly visible.  Greg Fanelli stated that UHV should start looking at using personal email for all because the implementation of PIER emergency management system will have to use personal information.  An inquiry was made as to continuing the agreement with the marketing consultant.  John stated that he is looking at a service provider to help with marketing and the agreement would probably not be renewed.  Wayne asked what the timeline for the website might be.  John replied that the goal is to have three samples to present to Cabinet first week in May and the tentative launch date is July 7, 2008.  Wayne Beran suggested that we should make sure the website ties into “One Stop Shop”.  John again requested that anyone send ideas they may have to improve the website to him.


Greg Fanelli mentioned that we will be testing the PIER system starting this week.  Wayne Beran stated that clarification on the forms of communication used during an evacuation must be made clear to each department head.  Toni Wyer stated key personnel should be notified that they can check out a laptop computer during emergency situations.  She also stated that she had received notice that the imprest account will no longer be active with the transition to the new financial institution.  Wayne Beran was curious as to what would be used during an emergency.  Greg Fanelli stated that he did not receive notice as yet. 


  1.  Toni Wyer addressed the issues with foreign travel.  She stated that she had worked up a packet for the School of Business but has not taken anything to Cabinet.  She would like feedback on the procedures.  She stated that previously there was a discussion about credit cards issuance.  She informed all that UH System has a credit card for lodging only and that UHCL uses a prepay system. She asked Mr. Beran if UHV wanted to issue travel cards that anyone can use.  Mr. Beran stated that UHV did not want that liability and suggested that daily rate set by the state be used.  Greg Fanelli remarked that the School of Business is the biggest division and if the preview packet issued to them works, it should work for all of UHV.   Toni asked when the University notifies the insurance carrier that insurance coverage is needed for a specific traveler.  Greg replied that when the travel request is processed the University sends the name and information to the insurance agent.


  1. Carolyn Mallory stated that processing of Summer financial aid is underway.  She also said that she has been talking with Houston about how UHV wants information transferred from semester to semester.  She stated that a new bundle should be installed on May 25, 2008 but that it would be too late for her to start awarding for the summer semester.  Greg inquired how the “One Stop Shop” was working.  Carolyn replied that today was only the second day but all seemed to be going smooth so far.




Greg Fanelli stated that there was a meeting scheduled this afternoon, April 22, at 3:30 P.M. to discuss the new PeopleSoft consultant position. 

Toni Wyer said at that time they will decide the job description and what department head would be the supervisor.



Adjourn:  3:00 P.M.