Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 4/05/05

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Karen Boldt, Recorder
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director    
Agenda Items:
1. Update on inactivating cost centers - Toni Wyer
2. Electronic Banking - Toni Wyer
3. Management of Cinco Ranch - Greg Fanelli/Michael Ruland
4. Review of budget forms - Joe Ferguson
5. Review of toll-free calls coming into campus - Joe Ferguson
6. Status of Budget - Darlene Pullin
7. Round Table:

New Business:

  1. Toni sent an e-mail to department heads asking if they had any cost centers that they would like to inactivate.  Currently she has received a request for 33 cost centers.  Toni will send out an e-mail reminder.

  2. Toni stated that electronic banking is here.  UHV will be receiving bank statements after the first of the month electronically versus receiving the statements mid-month by mail.  This will assist in the reconciliation process.  Those who will need to receive the statements will be issued passwords to access the statements.

  3. Greg and Michael asked for details regarding the management of Cinco Ranch.  Wayne stated that the details have not been worked out to date, but that a meeting will be scheduled with Dr. Don Smith, Dr. Joe Dahlstrom, Wayne Beran, Greg Fanelli, Joe Ferguson, Michael Ruland, Toni Wyer and Darlene Pullin to discuss management of Cinco Ranch in depth.  Karen Boldt will work with Kathy Walton to schedule the meeting at the first earliest opportunity.

Toni discussed other issues such as the need for training with Cinco Ranch personnel.  That information will be passed along as it becomes available.

  1. Joe presented possible improvements to the Budget forms for FY07 Budget submissions.  He also stated that he believes that a spreadsheet which provides a summary of all department requests should be submitted by departments during their budget presentation.  Wayne agreed stating that a summary provides a more efficient way for the Budget Committee to view departmental needs.  Darlene and Joe will work together to develop a form to be included in the FY06-07 Budget instructions.

  2. Joe provided a summary of toll-free calls coming into campus.  The majority of calls are coming through the switch but being routed to schools.  Currently the School of Business Administration is the only school with a toll-free number.  The UHV switchboard 1-800 number is listed on several departmental web pages.  Joe will find out what departments are listing the 1-800 number and provide them with a separate 1-800 number that will be billed back to those departments.

  3. Darlene stated that UHS will be reloading PC Bud as soon as March closes.  Once that is completed, they will be able to begin data entering into PCBud.  Darlene has not yet received the Budget packet from UHS Budget Office; however, she did speak with Margie Hattenbach in the UHS Budget Office and Margie did send the endowment information for UHV.  Wayne asked Darlene to forward a copy of the endowment information to Carolyn Mallory, Dick Phillips, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Hudson. 

    Darlene also worked up a spreadsheet with departmental budget requests for review.  Current HEAF requests are for $1.35 million.  UHV's HEAF appropriation is $1.6 million.  It is unknown what portion of the HEAF appropriation will allocated to UHV from UHS. 

    Joe asked if any information has been received regarding the reclassifications.  Wayne stated that he expects the information by the middle of April.  The Budget Committee will review the recommendations by Susan Nester and make their decision.  Merit information will not be known until  we know about the State appropriations for next year, probably at the end of May.

  4. Roundtable:

    1. Toni discussed the need for management support with PeopleSoft training.  It seems that secretaries are either not interested in attending or not provided proper supervisor support for training.  Linda is being forced to provide more one-on-one training.  Wayne stated that he does not believe that one-on-one training should be provided if training is being provided on a regular basis.  Greg mentioned that the ad hoc committee on Training is looking into matters such as these.  He suggested that Toni be part of the committee to address issues regarding PeopleSoft training.

    2. Michael mentioned that he was ready to submit the purchase requisition for the installation of security cameras.  The funds are currently budgeted 1/2 from Information Technology and 1/2 from Facilities Services cost centers.  Wayne asked Michael to wait to see how much HEAF would be available for next year.  If enough funds have been allocated, it may be possible to use HEAF funds for the cameras

    3. Darlene stated that the Budget Department will be audited by UHS Internal Auditing Department.  She is working on supply the requested information to Internal Auditing this week.

    4. Wayne mentioned that he would like to change the Administration and Finance Division website.  He feels that the web page design for all A&F departments is outdated.  He did particularly note that the information concerning Staff Log-in of E-mail was extremely informative.  Karen believes that a committee consisting of one representative from each department should be formed to present ideas to the Directors on a new web design.

    5. Wayne gave a short synopsis of the legislative session to directors.

    6. Wayne stated that UHV is working on a proposal to NACUBO to present at the NACUBO Annual Meeting entitled "Campus of the Future" in FY2006.

    7. A video tape "Internal Controls" was provided for viewing by the directors.