Administration & Finance

Directors Meeting


 March 24, 2009


Meeting called to order 10:00 A.M.




1.  Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin      5.  Toni Wyer, Comptroller

      Finance                                                               6.  Veronica Bures, Recorder

2.  Michael Ruland, Facilities                                  7.  Joe Ferguson, IT Director

3.  Darlene Pullin, Budget Director                         8.  John Ellis, Marketing Director

4.  Greg Fanelli, Business Services Director            9.  Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid




Agenda Items:


  1. Budget Schedule Revisions - Darlene Pullin
  2. Fort Bend Marketing - John Ellis
  3. Financial Aid Calculator - Carolyn Mallory
  4. Negative Cost Center Notifications - Darlene Pullin
  5. Unveiling of recycling program March 26 - Michael Ruland
  6. Update on fiber connection to Houston - Joe Ferguson



Darlene Pullin informed the group that there are minor revisions to the budget schedule and that Mr. Beran is currently working on the tuition and fees schedule.  Joe Ferguson asked about HEAF funds and Darlene replied that the Budget Committee is still working on the HEAF spreadsheet.  Darlene continued by stating that consideration of any possible merit raises would be determined after the market survey is completed in May.  Wayne Beran stated that they were currently reviewing the re-class sheets and would get back to everyone as soon as possible.  The committee is also looking at the JAQ’s and position approval.  Discussion ensued about the budget, stimulus plan, and legislation.


Darlene Pullin continued with the negative cost center notifications.  She stated that her department is running negative cost center reports and will send them out.  She informed the directors that if their department receives notification of a negative cost center, they should correct as soon as possible or reply back to the budget office with any concerns.


John Ellis stated that he spoke with Susan Reynolds and Kurt Czupryn and was informed that Kurt is now responsible for marketing for UHSCR.  John stated that he would work with UHSSL and UHSCR to help them develop a marketing plan.  He also informed the group that UH Main has a new marketing director.  He did not know who it was but was working with their department to set up a meeting.  John mentioned that he and his department were continuing to work on the summer campaign.


Carolyn Mallory presented handouts to each director which illustrated what the financial aid calculator would look like and how it would function.  She stated that it was still in the development stages but would be implemented by 08/14/09.  She mentioned that the net price calculator would be required by August, 2011.  Carolyn explained how the calculator works and that it will incorporate the work study, grants, and loans.  The calculator estimates the student’s cost of attendance.  John Ellis asked how long it should take for the student to go through the process.  Carolyn replied that if the student has not completed the FAFSA and obtained the estimated financial contribution (EFC) it would take 10 to 15 minutes but if the EFC is readily available the process time is less.  John suggested that it should be noted on the site how long the process will take.  Carolyn agreed stating that was a good idea.  John also suggested incorporating the link to the main web page.  Several other ideas were discussed by the group.


Michael Ruland reminded the directors of the unveiling of the recycling program on March 26 in the UC Multipurpose Room.  He stated that the program will consist of information on all recycle programs that UHV has started or will start in the near future and the presentation of a video.  He continued the discussion by informing the group of the types of recycling (ie. newspaper, whitepaper, plastic, aluminum, etc…).  The only items not recycled are glass and styrofoam because of the lack of a vendor.  John Ellis asked if the recycling generated any revenue.  Michael replied that only the aluminum cans and that money is deposited into the student fund.  John stated that he felt this was good PR for the recycling program and UHV in general.


Joe Ferguson informed the directors that there had been a problem with the fiber connection to Houston and that a gentleman from Houston discovered a setting which was wrong.  Once the setting was corrected, the problem cleared up. He also stated that Houston was working to improve customer service to UHV to maintain effective/reliable connections.




Toni Wyer informed the group that travel was down $100,000.00 from February of the previous year and felt it was partly attributed to the discontinuation of rental car services.  She also informed the group that the new functional analyst was working well and that he and the analyst in OAR were working to improve their communication to avoid future problems and difficulties with PeopleSoft programming.


John Ellis stated that television commercials informing the community of the AII Tournament and sponsorship availability would begin airing this evening, March 24.


Wayne mentioned that the advertisement for the position of Comptroller closed today and that the hiring committee (Wayne Beran, John Ellis, Joe Ferguson and Chari Norgard) would meet soon to review the applicants.


Toni Wyer informed everyone that reconciliations are coming along and strict measures are being taken to improve the process.


Carolyn Mallory stated that the new Financial Aid Specialist starts tomorrow and the issuance of Summer awards would begin today.