Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 3/08/05

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Karen Boldt, Recorder
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director    
Agenda Items:
1. Document scanning for budget journals - Toni
2. University PCs by Platform, Use, and Department - Joe
3. ITV Classes (History and Current Uses)
4. Brown Bag on Free Stuff at UHV - need ideas and help - Joe
5. Surplus Sale Advertisements - Michael
6. Property Inventory - Michael
7. GL Funding of Ledger 1 - Darlene
8. MySafeCampus
9. Round Table:

New Business:

  1. Toni discussed the move toward document scanning as an integrated part of PeopleSoft.  Per Michael Glisson, backup documentation for vouchers and journals will be scanned by departments and uploaded the PeopleSoft system.  It is believed that this will create a significant paper reduction.  Departments will no longer need to provide extra copies to other departments or to Accounts Payable.  Darlene stated that Barbara Duarte will be doing testing of document scanning soon. 

    Wayne asked Joe, Toni, and Greg to meet with Barbara to discuss how to implement the document scanning at the Victoria campus.  If scanning is to take place by next fiscal year, IT will need to know the price of the scanners  in order to budget the funds.

  2. Joe provided a spreadsheet to the Directors of UHV microcomputers by platform, use and department.  IT maintains 610 microcomputers as well as 31 servers.

  1. Joe provided statistical data relating to the history and use of ITV classes.  In addition, Joe provided E-mail statistics and Internet statistics for informational purposes.

  2. Joe would like to host a brown bag for employees on "Free Stuff at UHV" but needs ideas and help.  The original idea came from an article in the A&F Newsletter regarding the Victoria College Gym which UHV employees may use free of charge.  Joe believes a brown bag that promotes what benefits are available to employees will help boost morale.  Some ideas were provided, but Wayne asked Joe to e-mail Directors as a reminder.

  3. Michael discussed the idea of advertising the Surplus Sale on the web or whether or not E-bay could be used.  The man hours it would take to itemize and provide detailed descriptions and the work to make pictures available via the web would probably outweigh the profits of the sale.  These sales typically do not bring more than $2,000.  In addition, discussion was made regarding the current process of the sales.  It was suggested that the sale be held the same day.  There would not be any additional days just for viewing items.  For example:  The viewing and bidding could take place between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Bids could be processed and notifications made that same afternoon.  Items would be available for pick up by 6:00 p.m. that same evening.

  4. Michael stated that Property Inventory was scheduled to begin in March; however, they are running slightly behind schedule.  He also mentioned that there may be a change in the data entering of Property information.  Departmental property custodians may be asked to enter location of the property into PeopleSoft.  If this change becomes effective, Shirley Jung will provide training to departmental custodians. 

  5. Darlene announced that Krystal is working on the journals to fund Ledger 1 cost centers.  This should be completed in the near future.  Plans are being made to have funding available for Ledger 1 in September beginning Fiscal Year 2006.

  6. Greg mentioned that a new system-wide program called "MySafeCampus " has begun.  MySafeCampus  is a way for an employee to communicate anonymously and confidentially to make the campus a safer place. The purpose of MySafeCampus is to create a bridge between users/students and campus personnel. Through a secure system, MySafeCampus passes data to the appropriate campus personnel while protecting the identity of the user, if the user chooses to remain anonymous.  The user will be able to make a report via a 1-800 number or via the web. 

  7. Roundtable:

    1. Greg stated that they received a good recommendation on a security camera vendor.  This vendor is being used by UH at their campus.  Greg, Joe and Michael will be working with the vendor and UH System to see if UHV can piggyback on the System contract. 

    2. Darlene stated that there will be a budget meeting at the end of the week to discuss the upcoming budget cycle.  Darlene also stated that Tom Ehardt has asked for Tuition and Fee changes by March 15th so that it may be prepared for the April Board of Regents meeting.   Endowment funding will be available in the next few weeks.  The Budget Presentation to the Chancellor will be scheduled sometime in June.  Budget instructions for UHV have been posted to the web.

    3. The last edition of the Administration and Finance newsletters received only one comment.  Wayne asked Joe to find out how many hits were made to the newsletter and specifically how many to what pages.

    4. Toni mentioned that she is creating cost centers for FY2006 so that the cost center information will load in PCBud.  Wayne asked Toni to send out an e-mail to department heads asking that they review their cost centers to see if they have any which need to be deleted since system service charges are tied to the number of cost centers we have.

    5. Toni stated that she is auditing bank reconciliations and working with the Office of Financial Aid and Bursar's Office to see how what they do affects each other.

    6. Joe stated that there were a large number of calls on the 1-877 number.  Joe is working with James and Elizabeth to identify where the calls are being directed to.  Each school had a 1-800 number issued for their department; however, some have had their numbers removed.  Joe will work with the schools and other departments to see if the numbers need to reinstated.

    7. Joe stated that a committee met to discuss employee training.  Some things that came out of the meeting were that 1) employees need to identify what training they would like to see; 2) funds need to be identified for academic areas; and look at moving to on-line training when mandatory training is required.  Laura Smith will be heading up a task force on training.

    8. Michael stated that Charles and Tracy had a meeting with a vendor for a new master key system.  The old system has crashed and is no longer working.  One problem with replacing keys is that master keys have not been returned by departments upon departure of personnel; therefore, there is no way to know who has master keys.

    9. According to Michael, there is a problem with scheduling carpet cleaning.  The cleaning was scheduled by reserving the room and putting the information on the Master calendar; however, a faculty member has taken the room that was reserved for a workshop.  Michael will continue to work with the faculty member to try to coordinate schedules.

    10. Items to be presented at the FY2006 budget hearings were discussed.  The hearings will take place on March 23 and 25.  Administration and Finance Division is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23.  Instructions can be found on the web.