Administration & Finance

Directors Meeting


 February 24, 2009


Meeting called to order 10:00 A.M.




1.  Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin      5.  Toni Wyer, Comptroller

      Finance                                                           6.  Veronica Bures, Recorder

2.  Michael Ruland, Facilities                                  7.  Joe Ferguson, IT Director

3.  Darlene Pullin, Budget Director                         8.  John Ellis, Marketing Director

4.  Greg Fanelli, Business Services Director            9.  Carolyn Mallory, Financial Aid


Guest:  Genaro Cortez, Safety and Risk Manager


Agenda Items:


  1. Proposed Budget Book Printing Changes - Darlene Pullin
  2. Higher One Implementation - Toni Wyer
  3. NIMS Training - Greg Fanelli
  4. UHV Numbers of Interest - John Ellis
  5. Out of cycle Budget Requests - Darlene Pullin
  6. Posted Building Hours - Michael Ruland
  7. Status of TAC 202 audit from UHS auditors - Joe Ferguson
  8. Direct Loans - Carolyn Mallory
  9. Use of Discretionary Funds in providing lunch for staff - Wayne Beran


Darlene Pullin discussed changes proposed by System to the printing of the budget book.  Changes include size reduction with the main change being removing detailed cost center information from the M&O accounts and the prior year budget information.  Printed reports will remain the same and show all information.  Greg Fanelli stated he really does not need paper copy as long as there is online access.  Darlene mentioned that the budget department should check to see how many people actually needed a printed copy. 


Toni Wyer stated that she and Greg Fanelli are working on the Higher One (Student refund card).  Joe Ferguson asked if students must accept the card or could they have direct deposit of funds.  Greg stated that initially every student would be issued a card and thereafter cards would only be issued to new enrollees.  He mentioned that several options are available for the student through the card including direct deposit.  John Ellis inquired if there was a charge to students.  Greg responded that for certain transactions there were.  He also mentioned that use of the card may be expanded to include staff and faculty at a later date.  Toni Wyer voiced concern with the responsibility of monitoring the card and how the initial roll out would go.  Finance was given approval to hire a part time person to monitor all aspects of the Higher One card and Ms. Wyer’s concern was the amount of responsibility this person would have.  The new employee will coordinate the implementation of card security, reconciling transactions, verifying card holder identity, issuance of cards, and the marketing/bursar office activities relating to the card.  Wayne Beran asked how the card would be marketed.  John Ellis replied that he would start in the Spring to get the students aware of the new processes scheduled to begin in the Fall semester, including information informing students that UHV will no longer accept VISA.


Greg Fanelli informed the group that the Board of Regents recently stated that the entire System will participate in National Incident Management System training. (NIMS)  He stated that he would be sending an informational memo to certain support staff and all the members of the ERT team to make them aware of the mandatory training and how/when they will need to have completed it.  Chief Davis with UHS is coordinating the courses and will let UHV know when they are available.  The incident commander will need to take all courses associated with the training because the commander would make all the decision for the institution during the course of an emergency.  Joe Ferguson stated he felt the President should appoint the commander.  Greg Fanelli stated that he would like to have staff assigned and training completed by the beginning of hurricane season.


John Ellis handed out a copy of the statistics gathered from the number of hits and visitors to the website.  He informed the group that by reviewing the number of hits and visitors to the website, marketing can develop a time line for placement of marketing products.  The handout also included answers to the applicant survey.  Carolyn Mallory inquired if the information would be shared with the Deans?  John Ellis stated that the data collected is not 100% accurate but it does help the marketing department in developing a plan. Discussion ensued on the various aspects of the data collected thus far.  Wayne Beran stated that the university also needs to look at social networking such as facebook. If we could develop an entire network with this concept to enhance student interest and if we develop marketing to promote it, the university could benefit tremendously.  Joe Ferguson stated that this concept would take additional staff/student workers and must be monitored all day. Wayne Beran said that he felt this should be considered in the future growth of UHV.  John Ellis agreed and stated that all avenues must be utilized.


Michael Ruland requested input concerning the posting of building hours.  Genaro Cortez, Safety and Risk Manager, joined the meeting for this discussion.  Michael Ruland stated he felt the hours should be when administration and staff are on campus.  Joe Ferguson inquired as to the actual meaning of “posted building hours”.  Michael replied that is references when the building is open to the public and the posting is required by the fire marshal.  Joe Ferguson expressed concern and questioned about student lab access.  A roundtable discussion continued and ended with Genaro Cortez suggesting that the building hours be posted as 7:00am - 10:00pm with computer lab hours posted as 7:00am - 12:00 Midnight.  See Attachment below to view the building hours which will be posted.


Darlene Pullin addressed her concerns about receiving out of cycle budget requests without the proper documentation.  She handed out policy B-5 which states policy/procedure steps to be followed. Wayne Beran stated he felt that the form method was not being used and an appropriate email which included all necessary information could be sufficient but that the Budget office should follow whatever procedures they deem necessary to get the job done.  Joe Ferguson suggested a flow chart might be helpful in explaining the process which needs to be followed to submit out of cycle budget requests.


Joe Ferguson informed the group that in April, 2008 the System auditors came to Victoria to work on technology TAC.  They worked April, May, and June but did not contact UHV after the June visit until this month. (February 2009)  They completed their review and should be following up shortly.  He also mentioned that IT is working on a University sign-on portal and that the department was ready to implement Vista 8. 


Wayne Beran requested that Joe Ferguson check on the incentive program at Abilene Christian which provides incoming freshmen with an IPhone.  He stated that he would like to review the cost of phone and service and how Abilene Christian funds the expenditure.


Carolyn Mallory stated that she and her staff attended a direct Loan program review at UHCL.  The program has a quicker turn around and is more streamlined as long as the student follows through with all paperwork.  She informed the group that the university would be switching to the direct loan process and that the financial aid department would begin awarding loans at the end of April or the first part of May for the Fall 2009 semester.  John Ellis asked what that meant to the students.  Carolyn replied that all loans are through the Department of Education instead of a banking institution.   FFELP and Direct Loans can be consolidated through the Department of Education if the student does not want to make multiple payments to different lenders. 


Wayne Beran informed the group that the President issued a reminder that the discretionary funds used for business lunches should be with contacts outside the university.  Joe Ferguson asked about providing a working lunch?  Mr. Beran stated that training during lunch is a different scenario and are ok..  Mr. Beran also reminded the directors that Friday’s are Jaguar day.  Toni Wyer asked if departments could provide new employees with a Jaguar shirt.  Mr. Beran suggested that possibly after the probationary period.  The questioned was tabled to answer at a later time.  Mr. Beran told the group that the budget hearings went well.




Toni Wyer informed the group that Finance had hired Lih-Jye Chen (Tony) as the new PeopleSoft functional analyst.  She also stated that her department is working on reconciliations as several departments have outstanding journals which need to be cleared.


Darlene Pullin said that the new part-time employee, Bonnie Hermes, has been in training and will soon be ready to help with answering departmental inquiries.


Greg Fanelli stated that Thursday would be red flag identity training.  He informed the group that academic council will implement two zaps and that no student will be accepted after the 12th class day.  Also, they are currently trying to make a decision about the mini sessions.


John Ellis announced that the marketing department had received 10 Addy Awards.  He said the department is still working on an electronic marketing request form and that they were starting to develop the summer campaign.


Michael Ruland stated that the unveiling of the recycling program will be 03/26/2009.  He also stated that the UHS auditing department wants information on all projects in the last five years but at this point, he was unable to locate much information.


Joe Ferguson told the group that IT tracks the paper usage by students and while the usage has doubled, the cost was less.  He attributed this to the mandatory printing on both sides of the page.


Carolyn Mallory is working on a financial aid calculator.  Marketing and student solutions are looking into a financial aid TV which would provide an informational video for students to view.  She stated that UHV may have the equipment to do this in house.  She also stated that the latest version of PeopleSoft had been loaded.













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