Administration & Finance Directors Meeting
Minutes 1/04/05

1. Wayne B. Beran, Vice President For Admin & Finance 5. Michael Ruland, Director, Facilities Services
2. Greg Fanelli, Director, Business Services 6. Toni Wyer, Comptroller
3. Joe Ferguson, Director, Information Technology 7. Karen Boldt, Recorder
4. Darlene Pullin, Budget Director    
Agenda Items:
1. Status of IT projects:  Joe
  1. XP Upgrades
  2. New Computer installs
  3. Wireless access project
2. Update on HigherOne - Joe & Greg
3. Worker's comp for vendors coming on campus - Greg/Michael
4. Enterprise Rental Car Satisfaction - Toni
  1. Should we have a "Fleet Policy" since the Facilities van is being used by departments other than Facilities
5. Purchasing of greeting cards - Toni
6. Review of Holiday luncheon - Greg
  1. 175 attended
  2. 7 enchilada pans
  3. 16 dozen tamales
  4. Multipurpose room
  5. Rotation of coordination of duties
7. FY06 Budget Development - Darlene
8. Executive Management Reports - Wayne
Each director has been asked to provide 5 reports that they  would like to see the University provide internally.
9. Round Table:

New Business:

  1. Joe provided updates on the following: 

    1. The XP Upgrades for staff were 95% complete and for Faculty were 85% complete. 

    2. IT is nearly 100% complete with new computer installs. 

    3. Wireless access project is still in the works.  A purchase order is being processed to obtain a vendor that  will complete a survey of the campus to let us know where to place the wireless equipment.

  2. Greg and Joe spoke with Walter Hinckefoot at Higher One.  HigherOne handles refund management for students.  HigherOne offers 3 options to students which allows the refund by 1) a transfer to an online internet banking account or 2) EFT transfer to a local bank or 3) paper check.  A benefit is that the refund is provided faster to students.  UHV gets a portion of the service charge.  If we were to participate in this, the change would occur in the summer at the earliest.  UH is talking about doing this same thing for payroll (possibly this year).  Wayne will talk with Jim McShan regarding HigherOne and the check processing.

  1. Item 3 has been postponed until the next meeting.

  2. Toni discussed fleet vehicles.

    1. Some departments are requesting the use of the Facilities van.  It is suggested that these departments call Enterprise first.  If a van is not available then they may contact Michael Ruland.

    2. Toni asked if anyone had received complaints regarding Enterprise.  It was suggested that a survey be conducted of a sample group of travelers to see if they have had any problems with Enterprise. 

  3. Toni asked for clarification of whether or not birthday cards should be purchased from discretionary or M&O.  It was decided that cards should not be purchased from University funds.  If employees wish to send cards, cards should be purchased by the individual(s) sending the card.

  4. Greg reviewed the Holiday luncheon that was held on December 15th noting that additional enchiladas and tamales were bought this time and still more tamales could have been used.  He also suggested that each department rotate taking charge of hosting the luncheon.  Business Services will host next year, followed by Information Technology, followed by Finance.  Since Facilities Services always participates in setting up and breaking down the room, they will not be asked to host a luncheon.  Karen will develop a "living document" that gives timelines, vendors, and details of how the luncheons have been handled in the past.  Each department can add to the document to keep it updated as to the number of enchilada pans ordered, plates, attendees, etc.

  5. Darlene discussed plans for FY06 Budget stating that the PCBud program will be used again this budget cycle.  Wayne asked Darlene to look at other campuses budget instructions to see how they handle their budget requests and budget hearings.

  1. Wayne tabled Executive Management Reports until the next directors meeting.  All directors were asked to forward a list of five executive management reports they would like the Cabinet to receive periodically to Wayne by the end of the week.

  2. Wayne discussed efficiencies that have been implemented at UHV in the past 10 years.  He asked each director to send a list of efficiencies that  have been implemented in their respective departments to Karen by the end of the week.

  3. Roundtable:

    1. Texas Workforce Commission billed the university at a higher hourly rate than agreed in the contract for the Equal Rights audit required by the State.  Wayne mentioned that TWC has agreed to billed as originally stated in  contract. 

    2. Toni mentioned that Finance will be watching a 20-minutes video called "Internal Controls" at their next departmental meeting.  Safety and Risk Management will loan the video to anyone who wishes to view it.  Wayne requested that Karen obtain a copy of the video fro the directors watch at the next directors meeting.  

    3. Wayne gave kudos to Deana Waida for completing the TASSCUBO Tax form.

    4. Michael mentioned that the key inventory software has crashed.  Facilities will be looking into a new system.

    5. Room signs in the remodel area have arrived and have been recently installed.  

    6. Facilties will be working on changing lights from T-12 to T-8s.

    7. Facilities has just hired a temporary custodian and will be hiring a part-time temporary maintenance worker in order to keep up with preventive maintenance.

    8. Dave Irvin has submitted a request for an air conditioner for the server room at Sugar Land.