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Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance

Director Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2011

Meeting called to order.


Wayne B. BeranVal Walden
Joe FergusonDarlene Pullin
Greg Fanelli 

Agenda Items:

Val Walden

  • 1074 Verification Worksheet
  • Travel Audit Results

Joe Ferguson

  • Online employee bulletin board proposal
  • E-mail Exchange upgrade

Darlene Pullin

  • Budget Schedule
  • Summary of Budget Highlights

Wayne Beran

  • Outgoing information
  • Status of student housing
  • Update on State appropriations

Greg Fanelli began by stating that he had turned in a request to facilities to redo parking signage and the facilities director suggested that reserved parking be done away with, with the exception of the President and special guests. A discussion ensued outlining pros/cons and costs/revenue. The decision was made to continue reserved parking and implement procedural change to increase violation fee.

Val Walden informed all that changes had been made to the 1074 worksheets and distributed handouts to illustrate. The changes included adding a new tab which list all cost centers, cost center status, whether it has activity, and project end dates. Wayne Beran asked if the “false” in activity column meant the cost center without activity doesn’t need to be verified. Val Walden replied that at this time all cost centers have to be verified but that new processes are being implemented and they may not require verification in the future. As soon as she received details, she will forward to all personnel. Greg Fanelli asked if this report was a query. Val Walden explained that it is part of the worksheet generated with the 1074 report. Greg Fanelli requested that Val Walden send a request to Houston to also include the cost center name on the report. Val stated she would email Houston the request.

Val Walden gave an update on the travel audit. She began by stating that UHV was part of an executive and foreign UH System wide travel audit. She announced that UHV had only 3 minor findings. One of the findings were the travel request was approved after the travel date. Other campuses findings were travel vouchers prepared after 60 days. We are currently working on one change with transportation expense. The new process would allow up to a year to file the travel reimbursement for one day business trips. However, travel vouchers for overnight business must be paid within 60 days according to IRS rules. Anything past 60 days is supposed to be filed as taxable income. We will continue to provide training in this area. Overall UHV did well.

There was a brief discussion regarding the recent release of personal information by the State Auditors Office.

Kevin Myers gave an update on the remodel project in the University Center Bldg. He stated that the crew was putting up sheetrock and they were hoping to have it finished soon. Wayne Beran stated that part of the remodel is for occupational therapy which UHV doesn’t currently have but in order to implement the program a lab must be up and ready for use. Kevin Myers stated the outside will look complete but there are several behind the scenes pieces of equipment that need to be installed. Darlene Pullin asked who was doing the work? Kevin Myers stated that mainly our crew but some is being contracted out. We will soon begin remodel of the offices that previously held the athletics department.

Joe Ferguson informed that group that after monitoring emails that are not directly university related but are employee related, it was decided that the IT Department would work with marketing to create a website for university wide announcements. (Web-based Bulletin Board) Marketing currently sends out notices of UHV in the news once a week. These notices would include all bulletin board items posted and a link at the bottom of the page for easy access. IT and Marketing are working on this and hopefully will start the project within a few days. The purpose of this is to make a more efficient system. Val Walden asked if there will be limitations on what can be posted. Joe Ferguson replied that at this time there are no limits; however the bulletin board would be monitored closely.

Joe Ferguson explained that when anyone opens outlook it is attached to an exchange server. We are going to have to upgrade this server and we are at a point that this has to be done.

There are two companies that provide a free service to universities for email. We are viewing a demonstration today of one service which is offered that allows UHV to post emails to students through a free service providing email exchange and file storage. We will be seeing a demo this afternoon. Greg Fanelli asked if the students will be able to keep their UHV addresses. Joe Ferguson replied, yes.

Darlene Pullin stated that the budget department will load the budget at the first part of May but will have to revisit after the legislative session ends. Hopefully the budget will be completed by the end of June in order for the budget department to send out megabud reports to everyone. Joe Ferguson mentioned that they had gotten the preliminary sheets but had not received HEAF reports. Darlene Pullin stated that those numbers were not ready because they were waiting on Sugarland and she then summarized the budget allotments for the different schools. Joe Ferguson asked if lecturers were considered new faculty for computer issuance. Wayne Beran replied, yes.

Darlene Pullin distributed a handout illustrating the latest funding numbers. She discussed the handout pointing out the differences between the house and senate version of funding. She also discussed in depth the reductions proposed by each. Wayne Beran stated that this report was very good and asked the group what was noticed. Kevin Myers said the Senate version is nicer. Mr. Beran explained that yes it was but that the House version is balanced and the Senate version still has a shortfall. Discussion ensued.

Wayne Beran informed the group that the Marketing Department had been moved under the President. A detailed discussion ensued.

Wayne Beran shared a handout outlining the Student housing plan and timeline. Last fall there were 218 freshmen and 80 sophomores. Conservatively speaking to date, UHV will have 300 freshmen and 100 sophomores attending Fall 2011, but will probably have closer to 430 freshmen and 120 sophomores. Joe Ferguson asked if there will be enough classroom space. Wayne Beran replied yes, but we will need beds for these students. He explained that UHV is working on an agreement with a local real estate agent and that he and Kevin Myers were also working with a local hotel owner as an option. Joe Ferguson asked about offices for new faculty. Mr. Beran replied that this was also being worked on. Greg Fanelli inquired as to how UHV will handle parking with t the increase? Wayne Beran stated there are maybe a 100 parking spots left. And Kevin Myers stated that another option would be the grassy field next to the Facilities building. Mr. Beran mentioned that for the Fall 2012, UHV was talking to several companies for other options.

Round Table

Val Walden informed everyone that it will soon be a requirement for all employee reimbursements to be direct deposit.