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Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance

Director Meeting Minutes
January 25, 2011

John Ellis – Wayne Beran stated that 430 freshmen is the goal. John stated that the Marketing Department began the freshman marketing campaign a little earlier this year than last year. He stated that they are reaching out to approximately 30,000 students. Looking at the numbers in November, he stated that 23% of prospective students heard about UHV thru direct and 9% through the mail blast……………..John stated that at this point last year, UHV had 377 applicants and to date UHV has received approximately 10000. Wayne Beran mentioned that 55 were confirmed. Kevin Meyers asked how many were anticipated to stay in Jaguar Hall. Wayne Beran said 252 is the goal. John Ellis informed the group that his department is moving forward in January with plans to send out the senior postcard. He also stated that they will be sending out postcards to juniors as well. Wayne Beran mentioned continuation of Jaguar Pledge but stated that this benefit was still in the discussion phase for 2011-2012. John Ellis felt that the most important thing for retention is to draw back the freshmen the second year by having programs which benefit. Kevin Meyers mentioned that the feedback he has received from students is that they are really happy about the classroom use at Jaguar Hall.

Kevin Meyers – began by requesting that work order requests include the anticipated end result to help his department budget the time spent on each request. He stated that facilities is currently 19 days behind on requests that they were working hard to fulfill each request but he only has 140 man hours available and most of those are used tending to issues at Jaguar Hall. Currently his department is facing continued roof issues at Jaguar Hall and they are in discussion with the contractor and architects as to how to address them.

UC108-one issue was that to install the nursing lab, the break room was taken over as the conference room but employees still use this as a break room. The room cannot serve as both. There are people who want to rent but using this room as a break room will not allow for conference rent space. Wayne Beran inquired if our current rate for rent was too low? Kevin Myers replied that the previous Director had done an informal study several years ago and we were in reason. Our goal is to expand to different areas to generate revenue.

No smoking zones, we have everything we need to get started but the rain is a hindrance. We should be able to get the markers in right place pretty soon. Wayne Beran -How about stove oven combo? Kevin Myers replied:-as soon as we get biology a new home we will concentrate on completing the other. We are currently getting the sheetrock up.

Darlene Pullin – Informed the group that her department revised the cost center forms to make them user friendly. She stated that along with the revision, they included an instruction guide for each form. She also stated that there is now a new cost center manager change form. This form allows the user to list several manager changes on one form. The new forms included are cost center creation, cost center manager change form and a program change form. The forms are located on the Budget website under the “forms” link.

Joe Ferguson – stated that a lecture capture service had been enacted, allowing professors to record lectures for play back at a later date/time. The service began with a Title V Grant which was used to help teachers learn about new technology. The grant was completed leaving only two rooms with capability; however faculty wanted more rooms to be equipped. IT is currently updating the equipment and Matt is teaching other faculty to use. Greg Fanelli asked what happens to the lecture once it is captured? Joe Ferguson responded stating the lecture is stored on a server and faculty can upload to their website and allowing their students have access at any time. He continued by stating that the camera does not have capability to track the professor and this is the only problem but everyone likes the service. John Ellis inquired if this could be used as a marketing tool demonstrating and example of a lecture. Joe Ferguson replied that he did not know for sure but may need to ask permission from professors. This technology is currently in seven rooms and four or five faculty that use it regularly. Not very expensive to add the camera, microphone, and license to capture and is considerable less than adding ITV to each classroom.

Joe Ferguson – said there was an issue with Jaguar Hall computer lab signage-IT had put up signs noting there was 24 hour access for residents only but this became into an issue with students who take classes there so IT removed the signs. To solve the problem, IT is adding a camera inside the lab to monitor the lab and have posted hours for use by all. A time will be set to lock the outside door after the last class allowing for access by swipe card only. The IT department is looking at several other options also.

General Discussion – Wayne Beran asked about the implementation of content management? Joe Ferguson informed the group that the implementation is about 80% complete. Wayne Beran also asked about progress on the new website. Joe stated that he and John were currently working on design and used an outside consultant to develop shell. Joe and John Ellis were scheduled to meet this afternoon. Wayne Beran reminded them to address “inter”net versus “intra”net. Wayne Beran requested that Joe and John have a presentation for Cabinet by the next meeting scheduled in two weeks. Joe Ferguson stated that they should have design ready by then and would be able to discuss it during Cabinet.

Val Walden – began by distributing a copy of the matrix showing internal audit results. She stated that she felt the results were very good and most everyone is in compliance. Of the areas outlined for non compliance on the matrix, only four of them were action items. Cost center verifications must be done monthly and the payroll issue had to do with an employee working additional hours after signing the timesheet. The matrix helps to outline areas for improvement and serve as a learning tool. It was mentioned that at times because payroll is processed at a central location, timesheets are processed locally and at times early signature is required for payroll check processing in a timely manner. Payroll is processed in a central location and early signing of timesheets is often required in order to process prior to holiday. This should probably be addressed in policy, to allow early signing in certain circumstances. Val Walden stated that UHV could look at policy change which would allow this for certain times…………(ie holiday, etc) She continued the audit update by stating the other items listed were minor infractions and Finance is looking at improved training. Internal audit overall is pretty good. Wayne Beran suggested Val Walden should present the findings to Cabinet for input and awareness. Mr. Beran stated that he would speak to Kathy Walton about adding the website and audit to the agenda for next cabinet


UHV connect payment process is finally PCA compliant. Marci Wallace has been an instrumental in getting UHV compliant. The basic difference is before when someone purchased something off the web, the department would have to download from our website and then process. Now the payment information leaves to our website and goes to bluepay which is a service company. This makes it easier for each department instead of making several entries,

Wayne Beran asked Greg Fanelli to talk about Timegate. The university is working on entering into an agreement with Timegate, a company which creates video games and animated projects. Wayne Beran stated that UHV is going to work with HCC so that students who go thru their program can enter UHV and complete their degree. He also stated that-once a student enters into Timegate, the student can advance in his field because they are actually working on live projects that give students credits in their respective field. The more credits, the more attractive they look to potential employers. Legal is helping get this lined out and has really being very supportive.

Greg Fanelli noted that the austerity task force starts meeting this week. This is an internal committee which will look at what we are facing and how to adjust budget with the budget downfall. Budget oversight committee will have a lot of work cut out for them.

John Ellis informed the group that the Marketing Department will rollout marketing their meal plans provided by ARAMARK….there are several different plans to choose from that are available to all students. He stated the mailout would be going out Friday. Greg Fanelli mentioned that one Friday a month they are having $5 dollar Friday. John Ellis stated that his department is really going to market this also. Greg Fanelli let everyone know that the ARAMARK website is currently up and operating. John Ellis also informed the group that there are several special dates and events planned for Jag Hall. (ie: superbowl event, Valentine event, etc………)

Greg Fanelli also let all know that if they wanted information about what the LBB is recommending to the legislature, the LBB website has proposals listed for review. There are some pretty interesting facts out there allowing anyone to be aware of the recommendations.

Wayne Beran – LBB has the house bill which is $6.2 million less than what we received prior which is an 18% reduction. The UHV Austerity Task Force (ATF) committee is going to focus on growth. Growth and increases will not get us where we need to be so cuts will have to be made. The Senate version is a little better. It shows the budget is $4.8 million short. UHV is still 1.5 mil short with this version. We already have $2 mil in need before we do anything. So the real issue is growth. During the budget hearings-if you have anything you want to bring forward it should be tied to growth initiative. Review each position and justify how each one will promote, help the growth initiative. Next biennium will be a little bit better but right now we need to really focus on growth. House version shows UH System could lose $100 mil and the Senate version shows $82 mil gone. Joe Ferguson asked how does this affect tier one status? Wayne Beran stated that the legislature allowed some funding to tap into. All special items have been cut 28%, except for SBDC. The Master Planning Committee will take a look at campus and enrollment. We are working with architectural faculty at UHS. A real need is student life. We need a couple of years of enrollment growth data to really develop a campus plan so for now we need to focus on student life and housing. We are currently working on a contract with Woolson Realty to relocate out freshmen students for next year.

Greg Fanelli stated that we are hearing that UHV is purchasing some buildings and land. Wayne Beran said UHV is looking at the May Board of Regents meeting for approval of this purchase. The timeline is a month to buy it, 90 days for occupant to relocate, remodel for month and half before we move in it, will be close to the fall 2011, most likely could be spring 2012 before anyone is ready to relocate. What about construction of another dorm? Wayne Beran informed the group that all four campuses are looking at the private sector to build and operate housing. Kevin Myers is on committee for housing and is currently looking at plans. There are many options being discussed with the company that meets the RFQ and we should know more by the end of February. Will update at that time. Joe Ferguson asked how long it will take to get this accomplished. Kevin Myers answered they are using existing cookie cutter plans without too many options. Wayne Beran mentioned that UHV would like several amenities to the plan which include ability to install kitchens for future value.

Joe Ferguson informed everyone that card replacement was being delayed because the printers to do cards broke just before holidays. He said that IT is about 80% done with printing the cards. Distribution time should be around end of the month.

John Ellis mentioned that Jaguar baseball season kicks off this Friday and we have marketing efforts under way.