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Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance

Director Meeting Minutes
October 26, 2010


  1. John Ellis
    1. Marketing Research – John said that the press release about the results of the NESSE survey on student satisfaction went out last week. Marketing is also looking to put a full page spread in the Golden Crescent magazine which distributes to 15,000. This magazine is going to be used to reach out to grad students. Marketing is also in the ongoing process of reviewing results of questions asked during the application process of current freshmen who applied. They want to know how students heard about UHV, where else they are applying to and what was an influential factor in their decision. The results of these questions will be sent out sometime this week. Some of the results include the top five ways students heard about us: #1 word of mouth, #2 direct mail, #3 recruitment events, #4 Google searches, and #5 email messages (blasts). The other schools students applied to were: #1 UTSA #2 TX State #3 Sam Houston #4 UH Main Campus. On average the students who applied to UHV applied to 3 institutions. Significant influential factors included the chance to be a part of the first freshmen class, academic reputation, cost of attending, financial assistant, safety of a small community, admission standards, helpfulness of recruiter, info on the website, and size of the school. Also, 75% said their parents were a very important factor. A survey currently being worked on involves finding out from students who didn’t choose UHV why they didn’t choose. They are expected to target approximately 350 prospects and hope to get responses from 200.
    2. Freshmen Campaign – First of direct mail was sent out, reaching out to 31,000 in the Houston, San Antonio, “doughnut” area excludes VC counties. will end up sending 4 to 5 pieces
    3. Expanded Upper Level/Grand Mkt Campaign – This campaign will be beginning very soon and will look to market the spring offerings. It will reach out to about 30,000 potential prospects that either have some college or have a college degree.
  2. Kevin Myers
    1. Jag Hall Update – Probably around 70% complete. Currently working on offices in low priority wing. These have to be done by the end of the month with the Athletic department will move in. As construction nears 90% complete it will take months due to do the final details. Wayne Beran added that a consultant was hired to see how well the rewiring was done and Infinity seems to have done some things incorrectly. Kevin reported that the facilities department is mostly done working at Jag Hall, but maintenance is still over there frequently and is trying to update their maintenance. 95% of the rooms are done, but the handicapped rooms are still offline.
    2. Student Housing Project – Dave Irvin from UH came down last week to get an idea of our restrictions and land. RQ’s have been sent out for a construction company/management firm. So far, two firms have been selected and hopefully their proposal comes back before Thanksgiving.
    3. Renovations to Center and West Buildings – Changes to locations of offices include: University Center: Nursing lab is going where existing conference rooms and biology offices are, biology offices are moving to the other side of the building near the student lounge, nursing offices are going to the athletic offices. University West: classrooms are changing into offices and other offices are changing to better suit needs, side door near Student Solutions is being changed to counseling area, Financial Aid is moving in with Registrar’s office and taking over LEAD area, LEAD is going to temporary faculty offices and those are going upstairs, Marketing is going to Financial Aid, Bursar’s goes to Marketing, second floor we are redoing the Dean’s office
    4. New Mother’s Room – Room UW 130, Key will be kept in HR and each supervisor with a nursing mother can request a key while employee is nursing
  3. Darlene Pullin
    1. Roll forward reductions – Budget committee met yesterday and approved the list of rollfowards, 50% for departments and 30% for the schools, $2 million from Ledger 2 would be pulled bac
    2. Proposed Budget Hearing schedule –Probably going to be late January, Darlene can put together a draft schedule in the next few weeks
  4. Joe Ferguson
    1. UH Secondary Data Center move to UHV – UH had an offsite backup system in Dallas and they have moved it to Victoria. There is no charge, but we are able take advantage of their higher quality AC and powersources
    2. Jaguar Hall – Internet access issues are still occurring. The wires and spliterboxes for students are still on order and will take a couple weeks to get in. Once they arrive it should take about a week to install. Within Jag Hall some areas have good solid wireless support while others do not. IT is working with a company that can help with these issues. Cable television is not working properly because Infinity originally pulled the wrong cable for cable access. They are currently repulling the cable and believe by Wednesday or Thursday it should be fixed.
  5. Greg Fanelli
    1. ½ Time Compliance Officer – It’s becoming too much work to send to Safety and Risk Manager.
    2. FYI items (not on the agenda)- President is going to set up smoking areas on campus. One near UC and one at the park bench near UW. Business services is going to talk to VC about setting up an alarm system to warn about possible threats on campus. This stems from the shooting on the UT campus. ARAMARK is putting together a Food Service Advisory Group.
  6. Val Walden
    1. AFR Prep – Should be complete this week, and next week it will be reviewed with UHS . It is due to the state on Nov. 18th.
  7. Wayne Beran
    1. Leather Portfolio – Purchasing for Christmas gifts, everyone should agree on a style for a group discount
    2. Master plan (not on the agenda) – 10 year master plan is being put together. UHS is using the UH School of Architecture. UHV is putting together a committee to review this process and is comprised of President, Provost, CFO, Director of Facilities, Faculty Senate President, Student Senate, Staff council President, someone from VC, and people from the community.
    3. CDS Marketing (not on the agenda) – research firm is helping us understand the housing situation