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Buildings at the University of Houston-Victoria are to be kept safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing while allowing utilization in a professional manner reflective of a university environment.

Notices, Decorations and Postings

  1. Approval for hanging pictures, pamphlets, posters and other décor in main corridors can be obtained from the President’s Office for University Center and from the Vice President for Administration and Finance Office for University West first floor and from the Provost’s Office for University West second floor. Violations or concerns should be reported to the respective offices.
  2. UHV Administrative Policy and Procedure D-8, Posting of Notices will apply to student notices.
  3. Corridors should be kept clear of clutter.
  4. Entry doors and windows should not be used for display notices. Exceptions include emergency contact or closing information, Academic Center testing dates, etc.

Display Cases and Bulletin Boards

  1. Display cases will be assigned to specific areas. Those respective areas will maintain the display cases.
  2. Display cases should be professional in appearance and kept up to date.
  3. New display cases/bulletin boards should be of similar style and quality.
  4. The Office of Student Relations will maintain unassigned bulletin boards which may be used for faculty, staff or student displays.
  5. Displays will be rotated on reasonable intervals.

Directory Boards

  1. Directory boards will generally be located near first floor entrances. 
  2. Facilities Services will maintain directory boards.
  3. Directory boards should be of similar style and quality.

Pamphlet Racks

  1. Materials in racks should be kept up-to-date, adequately supplied and neat in appearance.
  2. Racks should be of similar style and quality.


  1. Consideration of safety should be paramount in use and placement of easels. 
  2. Easels should generally not be permanent in placement.

Hallway Furniture

  1. Consideration of safety should be used in placement of furniture in hallways.
  2. Furniture should not be moved unless approval is obtained from the Facilities Services Department.


Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the President, Provost or Vice President for Administration and Finance for their respective areas of responsibility.


Signature Obtained     11/26/2012
Philip Castille, Ph.D     Date

Next review date: November 2015
Origination: Administration and Finance

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