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The university will provide management support for software running on university owned or controlled computers. Software will be installed or upgraded for users only when it is determined that the software to be installed is legally owned by the University, or that we have written permission from the software developer or owner to use this software. All provisions of the license agreements for that software will be met, including measures to restrict copying of any licensed software. Copying of copyrighted software in the computer labs, in the dorms, or from any university owned computer is prohibited.


Technology Services (TS) will create and maintain a list of standard campus-wide supported software. This list will provide and explain levels of support for each software application. TS will also maintain a list of software that is installed on campus, but not necessarily maintained by TS, or availability is limited. See the Supported Software Guide for the lists of standard software, other software, and the software request form.

TS will also provide the following software management support:

  • Purchase and support campus standard software.
  • Provide methods and procedures for distributing software.
  • Develop rules and practices to restrict unauthorized distribution or copying of software.
  • Conduct periodic inventories of software running on University computers.
  • Conduct audits as necessary or required to ensure compliance with software license agreements.

As TS encounters software for which there is no obvious license available, the user will be requested to either produce proper documentation regarding license ownership, or be asked to remove the software. If this creates a problem, TS will work with the appropriate Dean or Department Head to resolve the issue.

TS personnel are responsible for installing software on university computers.

An annual review will be conducted of software owned or leased by the University to verify compliance with this policy. Impromptu audits to confirm software license compliance may also occur.


Approved by:

Signature Obtained
Philip Castille, Ph.D.


Next Review Date: August, 2016
Originating Department: Technology Services

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