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Per diem cash funds may be issued for daily meal expense for student athletes, coaches and staff members for specific events on an individual or group basis depending on travel circumstances.

Issuance of per diem funds will require:

  • Approval of operational procedures by the Comptroller, UHV Finance.
  • Approval of the fund by the Vice President, Administration and Finance.
  • Designation of a departmental cash custodian.
  • Clear documentation and advance approval by the Athletic Trip Coordinator and Athletic Department Director for each disbursement.
  • Careful monitoring and accountability for all funds disbursed, according to the prescribed procedures.
  • Compliance with NAIA financial assistance guidelines to student athletes, if applicable.


Cash: For the purpose of this policy per diem cash is defined as dollars and cents (currency) to student athletes, coaches and staff members for daily meal expense while traveling to a remote location for the purpose of participating in athletic competition.

Cash Custodian: A person having a fiduciary responsibility to receive, monitor, and safeguard cash received or maintained within the area for any purpose.


Request for and Disbursement of Funds

Operational per diem cash will normally be issued by check to the cash custodian following approval of such a fund by the Vice-President of Administration and Finance or designee.

Checks will be made payable to the cash custodian and must be endorsed immediately upon receipt and cashed.

Under normal circumstances, an Athletics Per Diem Request (Attachment A) form shall be completed fourteen days in advance of anticipated need. A purchase voucher for the amount requested that is approved by the authorized signatory must be attached to the request and should contain the following information:

  • Purpose of trip
  • Date needed
  • Expected dates of remote/short term operation
  • Person responsible for funds (cash custodian)
  • Approval of the Athletic Department Director

Responsibilities' of the athletics' cash custodian:

  • Safekeeping of the funds until disbursed
  • Disbursement as necessary
  • Ensuring separateness of the fund from any other funds
  • Maintaining proper documentation

Responsibilities of the Coach:

  • Safekeeping of the funds until disbursed
  • Disbursement as necessary
  • Maintaining proper documentation
  • When purchasing food/drinks for team consumption, athletic program per diem funds must be collectively used

Responsibilities of the Student Athletes, Coaches and Staff Members:

  • Student Athletes, Coaches and Staff Members will purchase their own meals using their per diem allowance
  • Safekeeping of per diem funds. Lost or stolen per diem will not be replaced
  • Coaches and Staff Members will not claim a travel reimbursement or a business meal expenditure for any meals for which they receive an athletic program per diem


Procedures for distribution to student athletes, coaches and staff members and receipt of cash are as follows:

  • Upon receipt of check, cash custodian endorses check and receives cash.
  • Cash custodian places cash in envelopes per student athlete, coach or staff member with name and amount, per day.
  • Envelopes are disbursed to the Head Coach, who signs Per Diem Cash Receipt Form (Attachment B).
  • Coach distributes envelopes to individual athletes, coaches and staff members per day or in lump sum, at the Coach's discretion.
  • Student athletes, coaches and staff members will sign receipt of acceptance for cash disbursed.
  • After completion of the trip, the coach will return the receipt sheet to the cash custodian for verification. Any undistributed cash must be returned to the cash custodian.
  • Cash custodian prepares a journal entry to debit expense and credit accounts.

Note: It is recommended to keep envelopes with cash in Motel/Hotel safe.

Compliance with Cash Handling Policies and Procedure

Any UHV employee who does not comply with the responsibilities outlined in this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination and possible criminal prosecution if fraud is involved.

Reporting of Suspicious Activities, Irregularities in Cash Handling or Suspected Fraud

An employee who is aware of or suspects any irregularity in the handling of University cash shall report that activity to:

  • His/her supervisor who shall investigate the suspected irregularity and if there is reason to believe that a problem exists, shall report the situation to the Comptroller, Finance Department.
  • When suspected fraudulent activities are observed by an employee (including a student employee), the employee must immediately make a report to the proper authority. Refer to SAM 01.C.04 at

Reporting of Cash Shortages

Cash shortages will be reported in the following manner:

  1. Individual shortages of less than $100 must be reported immediately to the department head.
  2. Individual shortages of $100 or more must be reported immediately in writing to the Comptroller.
    1. The UH System Department of Internal Auditing shall be notified by the Comptroller of any departmental cash shortage that exceeds $100 per occurrence.



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