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Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance

UHV Administrative Officers



The legal control of the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) is vested in a nine-member Board of Regents, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.  Appointments are for a six-year term, with three new appointments being made every two years.  Upon recommendation by the Chancellor and the President, the Board elects all members of the administration, faculty, and professional staff of the University.


The Chief Administrative Officer of UHV is the President, who is responsible for the operation of the campus under authority delegated by the Chancellor.  Two Vice Presidents, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Administration and Finance, as well as the Associate Vice President for Student Services & Regional Outreach, and the Executive Director of University Advancement are responsible to the President for the academic, financial, student, and outreach functions of the University.  The Director for Human Resources and Affirmative Action also reports to the President.


The University Cabinet is vested with the responsibility of setting and reviewing institution-wide policies, and for providing the overall direction of the University.  The Cabinet is composed of all major administrators plus the elected Chairs of the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Senate.

The faculty actively participates in University governance through the Faculty Senate, University committees and boards.  The composition and workings of the Faculty Senate are described in its Constitution and By-Laws.  The Faculty Senate meets routinely, during the academic year, and upon call by the Chairperson.  It makes recommendations to the President concerning matters of interest to the faculty.  The President of the Faculty Senate is a member of the University's Cabinet and of the System's Chancellor's Advisory Committee.  The Vice President of the Faculty Senate also serves on the Chancellor's Advisory Council.


Additionally, a 31-member President’s Advisory Council exists for regional input and advice.  This Council is composed of presidents of community colleges, as well as regional leaders.


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, under the direction of the President, coordinates and supervises the academic operation of the campus. In cooperation with other administrative officers, the Provost may either formulate proposals for new academic policies and procedures or entertain such proposals with the option of recommending them to the President. The chief areas of academic policy which the Provost administers are the appointment, evaluation, promotion, termination, remuneration, professional development, and deployment of faculty and other academic personnel; the development, innovation, implementation, and maintenance of academic programs; the certification of degrees; and approval of course substitutions when appropriate. As the chief academic officer, the Provost encourages and supports legitimate research activities conducted by academic personnel and participates in fiscal deliberations at the institutional level (e.g., the preparation of annual academic budget requests, the administration of funds within the academic budget allocation, the approval of expenditures and encumbrances, and the reallocation of funds for support of academic programs).


In sum, the purpose of the office is to provide oversight, guidance, and support for:

  • Academic program development and delivery

  • Academic policy and its implementation

  • Instruction and research efforts of the faculty

  • Faculty development and evaluation

  • Learning support and instructional support services

  • Enrollment and student services

  • Institutional research, planning, and assessment

  • Management of the UH System at Sugar Land teaching center

  • Management of the Small Business Development Center

  • Academic administration—structure, policies, and processes


    Vice President for Administration and Finance

    The Office of the Vice President for Administration & Finance has oversight responsibility for fiscal and administrative operations of the University.  Administrative Policies and Procedures, Fiscal Management, oversight of Facilities Management, Campus Master Plans, Financial Aid and Information Technology are also included in the duties of the Vice President.


    The Vice President is the University's financial representative with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and UH Board of Regents.  As UHV's Chief Financial Officer, the Vice President is the liaison to other UH System Chief Financial Officers, State Auditors, UH System Auditors and the Facilities Planning Office.  The office oversees general operations, website administration for the Administration and Finance division, administrative policies, distribution of payroll, and division personnel matters.  The department is under the supervision of the Vice President for Administration and Finance who reports to the President.


    Executive Director for Student Services and Regional Outreach

    The Executive Director of Student Services and Regional Outreach has administrative oversight of the SSRO units which include:  Admissions and Records, Student Development, Community and Alumni Relations, and Special Projects.  Most of the units in SSRO have both outreach and student service components. The Student Services and Regional Outreach (SSRO) Department has the responsibility to “bring the community to the university and the university to the community.”  The mission of SSRO is to promote the university’s educational growth and development in a way that reflects and responds to the diverse population of the university’s service region, thus increasing the quality of life for all residents.


    Associate Vice President of University Advancement

    The Associate Vice President of University Advancement is responsible for advancing the teaching, research, and public service endeavors of the University by generating private contributions to supplement the institution’s state and federal revenues for capital, operating, and student assistance funds.


    Affirmative Action Officer

    The Affirmative Action Director implements and coordinates the Affirmative Action Program.  The Office of Human Resources provides a variety of services to all personnel of the University of Houston-Victoria.  This Office helps recruit and retain a qualified and diverse workforce by administering a competitive wage and salary program, a comprehensive employee benefit plan and educational/training programs that encourage personal and professional growth.  The Office of Human Resources also develops and administers the human resource functions of the university, including counseling employees, monitoring compliance with the Affirmative Action Program, preparing reports to governmental agencies, and providing advisory services on all human resource matters.  The Office of Human Resources/Affirmative Action reports to the President.


    School Deans

    School Deans are appointed by the Board of Regents, University of Houston System, on recommendations of the Chancellor, the President, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. They are responsible to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for the operation of their schools. Together with the school's faculty, as may be appropriate, the School Dean recommends the appointment, promotion, salary increments, terminations of faculty, and other appropriate personnel actions; recommends curricular programs for the school; and is accountable for the administration of general university policy in the school.  Within budgetary limitations as approved by the Board of Regents, the School Dean has the authority and is accountable for the expenditure of funds in the operation of the school. The School Dean prepares and recommends the school's budget and the detailed schedule of courses to be offered within the school and assigns teaching duties to the school's faculty. The School Dean further represents the school's faculty, making committee assignments, and coordinating administrative and academic activities with appropriate agencies.


    Director of Libraries

    The Director of Libraries supervises the activities of the joint library of The Victoria College and the University of Houston-Victoria.  The VC/UHV Library is committed to anticipating and satisfying the information and research needs of The Victoria College and University of Houston-Victoria communities, and supporting these institutions in their respective missions.


    The Victoria College/UH-Victoria Library serves as a primary research resource for Victoria County and a region of fourteen other surrounding counties. The major role of the Library is to serve the curricular and research needs of students, faculty, and staff of Victoria College and UH-Victoria. An important but secondary role is to provide informational services to the community and region, within the limits allowed by the Library's resources. To serve the patrons of the Library in the best possible way, the Library is committed to cooperation and the sharing of resources with other libraries in the city, region, state, and nation.


    Director of Information Technology

    The Director of Information Technology (IT) is responsible for providing computer and telecommunication support for faculty and students in an efficient, effective manner to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, and administration. Its responsibilities include operating and maintaining academic and administrative server systems, microcomputers, campus network operations, microcomputer labs, telecommunications services, and interactive video operations. It also develops and maintains application programs and data access applications in support of administrative functions. The department is under the supervision of the Director of Information Technology, who reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.


    Director of Instructional Support Services

    The Director of Instructional Support Services (ISS) has oversight responsibility for the Academic Center, which provides tutoring and testing services; distance-education communications with the UH System (CampusNet) and Coordinating Board; and coordination of instructional technology support related to course delivery.  ISS assists faculty in the research and evaluation of new media and technology that faculty are considering using in their courses.  ISS provides training and technical support for this technology, including WebCT, and other instructional applications and software.  Training is provided through one-on-one consultations, group workshops, and through the online training resources provided on UHV's website.

    The Director of ISS also chairs the Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology (FACT), a university committee comprised of 2 faculty from each school.  This committee reviews and recommends instructional media and technologies, hardware and software to enhance the teaching and learning experience both in the classroom and online.


    Department Chairs

    Department Chairs serve at the pleasure of the Dean on a year-to-year basis.  Duties as Chair normally extend from the beginning of the fall semester through the first summer term or for approximately 10.5 months as designated by the Dean.  Chairs remain on a faculty contract.

    Service as a Chair carries a one-course reduction in teaching load each semester, one-course equivalent pay for summer duties, and an annual stipend of $3,000.00.  Should a Chair cease to hold the position, these arrangements cease at the same time.  Any summer teaching is additional to the above amounts and is paid at the usual rate.


    In the case of Chairs appointed from outside the institution, faculty rank and tenure considerations will be negotiated and specified at hire:


    Appointment will normally be at the senior rank, associate professor or professor.

    Tenure consideration may take a variety of forms, e.g.--

    Review in the third-year of performance in teaching, research, and service, as well Dean's review of administrative performance.

    Review in the third-year of teaching and administrative performance only--with research and service contributions considered at hire.


    Review and approval at hire, with participation of the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee.


    Standing Committees and Councils


    President's Cabinet

    The membership of the President's Cabinet consists of the President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Associate Vice President of University Advancement, Executive Director for Student Services and Regional Outreach, School Deans, Directors of the Libraries and Information Technology, and Chairs of the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Senate. The Cabinet reviews and makes recommendations to the President on administrative policy questions.


    Academic Council

    The membership of the Academic Council consists of the Provost, Associate Vice President for Student Services and Regional Outreach, Registrar, School Deans, Director of Libraries, and President of the Faculty Senate. The Directors of Information Technology and Instructional Support Services also attend the general portion of Council meetings.  The Provost is the presiding officer. The committee initiates, recommends, and reviews policies and procedures related to academic matters and faculty activities, including disposition of admissions petitions. All curriculum recommendations are forwarded to the Academic Council for review following action by the Faculty Council.