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The UH Department of Records Retention offers a microfilming and storage service for component records. Some records that are classified as “Vital” by the official UHS records retention schedule require microfilming backup. The costs related to microfilming will be charged back to the using department.  If microfilming is required, the following procedures apply:

  • An original and one copy of the Records Disposition FORM A shall be completed for each box to be microfilmed. Each transfer request shall describe the contents of the box following the descriptive guidelines in the UHS RRS. The original copy of the Records Disposition form shall be forwarded to Business Services. One copy of the transfer request shall be taped on one end of each box. See an example in the Record Retention Schedule.
  • If boxes shake or rattle, they will not be accepted by the microfilming center.  There can be no plastic binders or any metal objects including paper clips and staples. PAPER DOCUMENTS ONLY. The reason for this is that when the microfilmed hard copy records are eventually destroyed, UH will send them through a shredder. Plastic and metal will damage the shredder cutters.
  • Use only standard storage boxes, letter or legal size, made for that purpose. Off-size and non-standard storage boxes will not be accepted for storage. Seal each box using only brown or clear box sealing tape. Boxes and tape are available from Business Services and will be charged back to the department by journal voucher.
  • The UH Records Retention Center will prepare one original and two copies of the microfilmed material. Records Retention will retain the original, one copy will be forwarded to Auditing and the second copy will be returned to the transferring UHV department.
  • UH Records Retention will provide the department with a completed copy of the Records Disposition form,  including a Record Retention reference number for each box microfilmed or stored at the UH storage facility in Houston.
  • The hardcopy files will be stored by the UH Records Retention Center until the required retention period has been satisfied and then will be automatically destroyed.  If the boxes are to be returned to UHV for some reason, then arrangements must be made in advance with UH.  Shipping costs will be billed to the originating department. 
  • The transferring department must always use the Records Retention Number if there is ever a need to access inactive hardcopy files in Houston.  Contact the UH Records Administrator,  (713) 921-6382, to arrange an appointment at the Houston storage location.
  • UH charges approximately $40 per file drawer of microfilmed material. There will be an additional $15.00 per hour charge if the records have not been properly prepared, i.e. the department did not remove all paper clips, metal staples, ring binders, or hanging binders. Again, leave nothing but paper and manila folder dividers.
  • The UH Records Retention Center automatically microfilms all vouchers processed through Accounts Payable. FRS and Payroll reports generated by the UH System for UHV are also automatically microfilmed.

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