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Students MUST take all TExES certification exams PPR (EC-6 & 4-8, 7-12 cert, ), Core Subjects (EC-6 & 4-8 cert) and/or Content Exams (7-12 cert) PRIOR to beginning their student teaching semester.

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology

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The 124 hour degree is designed to be completed in 4 years. The degree leads to TEA Certification to teach in elementary or secondary schools, as well as coaching at the secondary level. It is uniquely designed so a student could complete 24 semester hours in a second teaching field (including student teaching). Upon completion of the BS Kinesiology degree students may achieve K-12 teaching certificate in Physical Education from the State of Texas. The student then has the potential to gain dual certification upon graduation. It may assist in meeting teacher shortage areas such as math, science, foreign language, ESL and special education. 

Please go to the School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development checklist to get information about requirements for admission and retention to a SoEHPHD teacher certification program. Note that this application is different from admission to the university. Also please visit links to get information on requirements that apply to all candidates for the BS degree in Kinesiology. Request more information about the degree or program that aligns with your career goals.

Degree Requirements:

010 - Communication ENGL 1301 6 Freshman Composition & Rhetoric I
ENGL 1302 Freshman Composition & Rhetoric II
020 - Mathematics  MATH 1314 3 College Algebra or equivalent
030 - Life and Physical Sciences   7 biological, anatomy or physiology sciences preferred at least one science course must include a lab
040 - Lang., Phil., and Culture   3 American Literature preferred, Philosophy, Cultural Studies
050 - Creative Arts   3 Art, drama or music
060 - American History HIST 1301 6 US History thru 1877
HIST 1302 US History from 1877
070 - Government/Political Science PSCI 2306 6 Federal and Texas state government
PSCI 2305 Federal and Texas state government
080 - Social/Behavioral Sciences   3 World Geog preferred, Economics, Psychology, Sociology
090 - Institutionally Designated Option SPCH  6 Fundamentals of Speech
  Computer proficiency less than 5 years ago
Other lower division major requirements KINE 1301 9 Foundations of Kinesiology
KINE 2310 Contemporary Wellness
KINE 2311 Motor Learning & Development
Courses in Kinesiology KINE 3312 24 Physiology of Exercise
KINE 3311 Biomechanics of Sport & Exercise
KINE 3313 Scientific Principles of Strength and Conditioning
KINE 4311 Testing and Prescriptions of Exercise
KINE 4312 Teaching Early Childhood & Elementary Physical Education
KINE 3310 Adapted Activities for Special Populations
KINE 4313 Teaching Middle & High School Physical Education
KINE 4310 Coaching Theory & Application
Secondary Teaching Field   24 Courses by Advisement in Life Sciences, Mathematics, Speech, History, English, or Spanish

Please contact the Schl of Educ., Health Professions, & Human Dev.
if you have any questions.
Teacher Education Program CUIN 3323 24 Instructional Design
INDS 3323 Child Development
FEDU 3321 Educational Foundations for Teaching
CUIN 4313 Secondary Teaching Strategies
LITY 4364 Content Area Reading & Skills
CUIN 3327 Educational Technology
KINE 4303 Secondary Student Teaching
KINE 4304 Secondary Student Teaching



  1. s.h. = semester hours
  2. LD = Lower Division (Community College-Level: Freshman, 1000-level /Sophomore, 2000-level)
  3. UD = Upper Division (University-Level: Junior, 3000-level /Senior, 4000-level)
  4. The student is responsible for fulfilling all requirements on this degree plan and is encouraged to review the catalog that governs this degree plan.
  5. Substitutions in this degree plan must be approved by following the same procedures as for the degree.
  6. This document is an unofficial guide to your degree. Please contact an advisor for an official degree plan.
  7. Must meet minimum requirements: 124 s.h. overall, of which 30 s.h. must be completed at UHV. 

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