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Educator Preparation Office (EPO)

The Educator Preparation Office provides the following services for students:

  • Assigns faculty advisors for new undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Acts as liaison between students, school districts and state offices.
  • Analyzes transcripts in order to write deficiency plans enabling students with bachelors' degrees to obtain teacher certification.
  • Processes and maintains paperwork for degree, certification, and deficiency plans.
  • Certifies eligibility of students for student teaching and internships.
  • Certifies eligibility of students for master comprehensive tests.
  • Certifies completion of graduation requirements.
  • Recommends students for certification to the state on completion of programs.
  • Maintains records of students seeking education degrees and/or teacher certification or graduate level certifications and/or degrees.
  • Keeps up to date on changing requirements and standards imposed by the state and federal government to ensure compliance.

For information from the Educator Preparation Office, please email one of the following Certification Analysts:

Reese Alexander-Katy

Amy Rose-Katy

Angie Abrigo-Victoria

Carmen Rodriguez-Victoria

Keri Waligura-Victoria

Deborah Westbrook-Victoria