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How to Apply

Admission to the School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development teacher certification program is admission to a professional program and must be applied for apart from admission to the university.

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Teacher Certification

Admission to teacher education applies to all teacher education students, both elementary and secondary. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Educator Preparation Office in the School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development before making plans to enter any program that leads to teacher certification.

Application for admission to teacher education is made through the Educator Preparation Office during the semester prior to enrollment in the first professional education course.

Denial of a request for admission means that the student does not show sufficient promise of success as a teacher to justify admission to the teacher education program at this institution. Upon the applicant's request, a student who has been denied admission to the program will be permitted to appeal. Information for appeal procedures may be obtained in the Educator Preparation Office.

Testing Requirements

All persons admitted to the teacher certification program must achieve a satisfactory level of performance on a competency examination of basic skills. The basic skills areas have been identified as mathematics, reading, writing-composition and critical thinking.

The Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) test, now called the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA), will serve as one criterion for admission to the teacher education program. For information concerning this test, contact the Educator Preparation Office.

Requirements for Admission and Retention to a Teacher Certification Program

There are specific requirements for admission into the teacher certification program at UH-Victoria. The criteria for admission are the following:

  • Completion of 54 semester hours prior to enrollment to Professional Education Courses.
  • Should be TSI complete or exempt.
  • GPA of 2.5 in 9 semester hours of lower division English; 6 semester hours must be in composition.
  • GPA of 2.5 in courses that apply to degree.
  • GPA of 2.5 in all lower division courses that apply to teacher certification.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Complete Nelson-Denny Reading Assessment
  • Complete face-to-face interview with SOEHPHD faculty.
  • Evidence of characteristics, behaviors and attitudes appropriate to the teaching profession.
  • Lower division courses must be completed before admission to Teacher Education.

(Post baccalaureates students see "POSTBACCALAUREATES" section for certification admission requirements.)

NOTE: All potential certificate applicants with criminal felony or misdemeanor convictions should contact the Certification Officer immediately to seek clarification of their certification status.

Applying for Teacher Certification

Application for graduation and application for certification are different processes. They must be applied for separately.

Once all requirements are met, the student will apply directly to the State Board for Educator Certification. Instructions and the application are on the site.

A fee, payable to the State Board of Educator Certification, is required for each application.

After the student applies and pays the fee, the University will then recommend the student to the state for the appropriate certification.

If an out-of-state or out-of-country teaching certificate is held, one should call the State Board for Educator Certification support center for information at 1-888-863-5880 or apply to the State Board for Educator Certification at the following address:

State Board for Educator Certification
Capitol Station
P O Box 12728
Austin TX 78711-2728

Graduate Programs
Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Graduate programs in The School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development address the need for advanced academic and professional preparation of school personnel. In addition, degrees and specializations are offered that address concerns about children, families, and society and assist people of all ages in pursuing life-long learning and personal growth.

Graduate Degree Requirements

  1. Prerequisites
    The student entering a program, which leads to a graduate level professional certification, will be expected to have at least 18 semester hours of professional education courses and appropriate teaching or related experience. Students seeking the M.Ed. degree without certification need not show the 18 semester hours of professional education courses, but are expected to meet the general requirements for entrance to graduate studies as found in the section on admissions.
  2. Additional Admission Requirements:
    1. Adult and Higher Education, Educational Leadership, General Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, and Special Education
      1. The student must submit two letters of reference from practicing educators, such as supervisors or other professional school personnel.
      2. The student must provide a letter explaining their purposes for pursuing the degree and their expectations of the degree.
    2. Counselor Education
      For counselors admission requirements, see Counseling section.
  3. Candidacy and Comprehensive Examinations

    The exam will be offered on October 18, 2014; March 7, 2015; and June 27, 2015. The student must apply for the comprehensive exam and candidacy for the master’s degree by registering by the following deadline dates:

    Deadline DateLate Application Accepted With $50 FeeTest Date
    September 8, 2014 September 9-22, 2014 October 18, 2014
    January 16, 2015 January 17-30, 2015 March 7, 2015
    May 10, 2015 May 11-24, 2015 June 21, 2015

    Applications for Master's Comprehensive Exam Application will be assessed a late fee if submitted after the deadline date. Deadlines will be strictly enforced.

    A satisfactory performance on the school’s comprehensive examination is required of all graduate students.

    Comprehensive examinations are required for a second master’s degree.

  4. All degrees must have at least 18 semester hours of graduate Education coursework and all courses through the School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development must be at graduate level.
  5. Other University Requirements
    The student must satisfy all university requirements for a master’s degree as found in the section, UNIVERSITY DEGREE REQUIREMENTS, of this catalog.

The university does not award academic course credit for experiential learning, or life experience. As specified by the state, certain kinds of experience may be credited toward fulfilling certification requirements in Education.

State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)

Applying for an Internship

Post baccalaureate education students on certification plans and those seeking graduate certification through the VOICE program who secure teaching positions may do internships instead of student teaching. The positions must be at accredited schools in the area and at the level in which the students are seeking certification. Students must qualify for their respective programs before entering into an internship.

To serve an internship, the student must

  • be admitted to the post baccalaureate certification or VOICE program
  • complete and submit the necessary paper work,
  • contact the Directors of Field Experience, Dr. Amy Barnhill
  • and enroll in the appropriate courses.

An Internship provides high-quality professional development that is sustained, intensive, and classroom-focused in order to have a positive and lasting impact on classroom instruction before and while teaching. It also allows the candidate to function as a teacher of record for a specified period of time while providing supervision that consists of structured guidance and regular ongoing support so that the candidate can demonstrate satisfactory progress toward full certification as prescribed by the State.

Applying to VOICE
(Victoria Online Initial Certification for Educators)

Applying to Student Teaching