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The TExES Academy


Students admitted into the Teacher Education Program will automatically be enrolled in the TExES Academy Learn 9 classroom. In the TExES Academy Learn 9 classroom students will find information about when to take their certification exams and how to prepare for their certification exams. The TExES Academy Coordinator will work with students as they proceed through the process. As we transition into using the TExES Academy Learn 9 classroom some students may not have been enrolled in the TExES Academy. If you have been admitted into the Teacher Education Program and do not see the TExES Academy on your list of classes in Learn 9 please contact the TExES Academy Coordinator, Dr. Young at with your name and student ID number. TeXES Academy requirements are updated, as needed.

Welcome to the TExES Academy’s Home page.  On this page and pages linked to it you will find information vital to your success on your quest for Texas Teacher Certification.

The various TExES tests that you are required to pass are your licensing tests—just like the Bar Exam for lawyers and the Medical Boards for physicians.

It is important that you understand that the test items (questions) of the tests are written to test your knowledge of the various competencies listed for each test.  Your professors have aligned the subject matter of the courses they are teaching with these competencies.  The Dean has verified that all of the competencies are included in the delivery of subject matter for all of the courses listed on your degree plan.  In addition the Coordinator for our school’s national accreditation process has also developed rubrics and reports that aligned course subject matter to the competencies of these licensing tests.

Your professors may be very direct in the linkage between the course subject matter and the competencies, i.e. “Pay particular attention to this as it will appear on your TExES test.”  Or they may be a bit more subtle and deliver content or have you work on projects where the competencies are embedded in your learning activities without any relation to the TExES test being mentioned.  

The set of web pages associated with this page are in the process of being developed.  Keep checking back to stay current on the items as they are developed and published to these pages.  There is an Early Preparations Page available and soon there will be a calendar page that will have dates of TExES test administrations, dates of registration for these tests, and dates of Generalist Test review to be presented by several of our Content Specialists.