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Superintendent Certification

(Offered Completely Online)

The University of Houston – Victoria's Online Superintendent Certification Program is designed for practicing administrators and/or those with master’s degrees and Principal Certificates who wish to work toward Texas Superintendent Certificates. The online format allows the student to complete certification requirements without ever traveling to campus. Online classes make it easy to fit required course work into your work schedule. Online courses also eliminate travel expenses, traffic, and time off from work for travel or classes.

Although students can begin the program anywhere in the rotation (spring, summer, or fall semester) UHV’s online classes follow the regular semester schedule. At the beginning of each semester, instructors post schedules for tests and assignments using Blackboard (UHV’s online course management system).  Courses are designed to allow students to build relationships with other students for mutual support and motivation. Blackboard offers chat rooms and email capabilities, which maximize student learning by encouraging dialogue and interaction among students as well as between students and instructors. Students in the Superintendent Certification Program, UHV instructors, and supervising superintendents will communicate by email, telephone and online, as a group and one-on-one.

Those who enter the program can receive their Superintendent Certificate in one year with successful completion of the program of study (taking two classes per semester) and passage of Part 1 and Part 2 of TExES Test #064. The leadership and professional experience of practicing or former superintendents will enhance learning as you complete the required course work and an approved Superintendent’s practicum. Your practicum will be completed in cooperation with your school superintendent. This program will prepare you for the TExES exam for the Superintendency.

It is also possible to enroll in the program to improve your leadership skills without a Principal Certificate for those who are not seeking Superintendent Certification. Finance, Personnel Management, Facilities and Public Relations courses may benefit people in leadership positions in schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses.


  1. Hold a valid Texas Principal Certificate
  2. Hold a Master's degree
  3. Complete 12 semester hours of course work to include
    • ELAS 6341 Personnel Management
    • ELAS 6342 Educational Policy and Finance
    • ELAS 6343 Public Affairs and Community Relations
    • ELAS 6345 Educational Facilities and Environment
  4. Complete 6 semester hours of approved Superintendent's practicum
    • ELAS 6308 Practicum for the School Superintendency
    • ELAS 6309 Practicum for the School Superintendency
  5. Pass the TExES #064




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