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Secondary Teacher Certification

Programs leading to the certification of teachers for grades 7-12 and 8-12 are offered in cooperation among UHV's Schools of Arts and Sciences; Business Administration; and Education, Health Professions, and Human Development. Students earn their academic degrees through the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Business Administration and then obtain their teacher certification through the School of Education, Health Professions, and Human Development. Consult the Educator Preparation Office (EPO) for more information, 361.570.4371, 877.570.4848 x371 (toll free).

7-12 Teacher Certification Programs
English, Language Arts, Reading B.A.
History B.A.
Life Science B.A./B.S. (Degree Pending)
Mathematics B.A./B.S.
Science B.S.
Spanish B.A. (Degree Pending)
Speech B.A./B.S. (Degree Pending)
8-12 Teacher Certification Programs
Business Administration B.A.
Computer Science B.S.


  1. Satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Administration.
    1. B.A. - indicate a choice of plan as Humanities with either English or History or a plan as Mathematical Science with Math
    2. B.S. - indicate a choice of plan as Computer Science or Mathematics or Biology (Science certification)
    3. B.B.A. - indicate a choice of plan as Management and obtain a composite business certificate
    4. All teacher certification students must have 9 semester hours of English, 6 of which must be in composition
  2. Complete courses in fundamentals of speech and computer proficiency, or pass a competency test in these two areas and complete a minimum of 6 hours of laboratory natural science courses for the B.B.A. or 8 hours for the B.A or B.S. degrees.
  3. Secure admission to teacher education through the School of Education and Human Development.
  4. Complete 24 hours of Professional Development/Education courses
    • C&I 3323 Instructional Design
    • IDS 3323 Child Development and Its Application to Learning

After completion of the above courses, we recommend that you take and pass the PPR qualifying test.

  • RDG 4364 Content Area Reading and Study Skills
  • FED 3321 Educational Foundations for Teaching
  • 3 semester hours of a methods course in the teaching field


  • SED 4303, 4304 Secondary Student Teaching
  • SED 4308 Secondary School Education Professional Seminar
  1. Satisfy requirements in a teaching field, consistent with the courses meeting new state standards. Please refer to the UHV Course Catalog for guidelines. Check with faculty advisors for verification.



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