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Master's of Education in Special Education

(Offered Completely Online 30 credit hours)

The School of Education and Human Development at the University of Houston - Victoria offers a Master's of Education in Special Education online for students from special and general education backgrounds and for those working in organizations serving the needs of people with disabilities in the community. Students are exposed to a wide variety of topics within the field of Special Education and are prepared to engage in activities related to informal assessment, functional behavior assessment, behavior intervention, programming and transition. Additionally, students receive extensive exposure to special education law and are challenged to know the requirements of all laws that relate to the needs of those with disabilities both within the schools and in the public domain. Many students who graduate with Master's in Special Education are employed in the public schools. However, there are also career opportunities for those interested in other work environments. These include positions with the departments of education, regional education service centers, and state and local agencies serving the needs of individuals with disabilities.

The Master’s of Education in Special Education classes are delivered completely online.* This program is ideal for students who work full time, have family obligations and/or live in an area where access to higher education is not available. Online courses are designed so students can access and participate in their classes virtually any time of the day.

*Students are required to take comprehensive exams the semester before they intend to graduate or the semester they intend to graduate. Students will have to make arrangements to come to a testing site in Victoria or Sugar Land to complete this requirement.

** Everyone, no matter what plan they are on needs to take SPED 6331 as a prereq. for SPED 6325.

Master Comprehensive Exam Information




SPE Degree Requirements




CORE (9)

CUIN 6321 Principles of Curriculum Dev
CUIN 6322 Principles of Curriculum Organization

Fall, Spring, Summer


FEDU 6321 Foundations of Ed. Research

Fall, Spring, Summer


FEDU 6331 Human Growth and Development

Fall, Spring, Summer


Major Concentration (21)

SPED 6321 Intro to Special Education



SPED 6325 Applied Behavior Analysis


 **Prereq- must have completed SPED 6331

SPED 6326 Programming and Collaboration



SPED 6327 Appraisal and Collaboration



SPED 6343 Transitions for Students with Disabilities



SPED 6331 Behavioral Adjustment of
Exceptional Children and Youth **



SPED 6334 Diagnostic Teaching and
Instructional Strategies





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