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Master Reading Teacher Certification


  1. Hold a valid Texas teacher certificate.
  2. Bachelor's degree.
  3. A minimum of three years of teaching experience in an accredited school.
  4. Complete the 15 semester hours of specified graduate-level courses beyond the bachelor's degree in an approved graduate teacher education program. Students must have a signed plan on file.
  5. The program for the certificate includes:

    1. CUIN 6360 Foundations of Literacy Learning
    2. CUIN 6362 Diagnostic Testing of Reading
    3. CUIN 6404 Practicum in Literacy
    4. LANG 6310 Linguistics in Reading
    5. ELAS 6315 Principles of Instructional Supervision
  6. Pass the TExMaT #85 for Master Reading Teacher, unless you hold a Reading Specialist Certificate.



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