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Elementary Education

Master's Degree in Elementary Education

Elementary Education teachers seeking masters' degrees may choose a degree plan that includes courses covering a wide range of topics in early school education, which will enhance the skills of those teaching in self-contained classrooms. No certification is associated with this degree plan. 

Students must pass a comprehensive examination on the content of one education core course and the content of two courses in their major area. One question must come from the faculty advisor and one question must come from faculty outside of the AED teaching core.

Master Comprehensive Exam Information

Degree Requirements

Core (12 semester hours)

  • CUIN 6321 Principles of Curriculum Development
      OR  CUIN 6322 Principles of Curriculum Organization
  • CUIN 6332 Education in a Multicultural Society
  • FEDU 6321 Foundations of Educational Research
  • FEDU 6331 Human Growth and Development
      OR FEDU 6333 Principles of Human Learning

Major (15 semester hours selected from the following, but with no more than 6 hours from any one concentration)


  • CUIN 6360 Foundations of Literacy Learning
  • CUIN 6362 Assessment of Literacy Learning
  • CUIN 6363 Reading in Content Areas
  • CUIN 6356 Approaches to Teaching Writing
  • ELED 6365 Teaching the language Arts
  • ELED 6367 Literature for Adolescents
  • CUIN 6300 Selected Topics

Social Studies

  • ELED 6350 Teaching the Social Studies
  • CUIN 6300 Selected Topics


  • ELED 6340 Trends in Elementary School Science
  • CUIN 6300 Selected Topics
  • NOTE: Availability of courses in this program are subject to sufficient enrollment.


  • CUIN 6341 Teaching Problem Solving
  • CUIN 6342 Assessment in Mathematics
  • CUIN 6343 The Math Teacher as Leader
  • CUIN 6347 Teaching Number Concepts
  • CUIN 6348 Teaching Algebra & Geometry
  • CUIN 6349 Teaching Probability & Statistics
  • CUIN 6300 Selected Topics

Early Childhood

  • ELED 6355 Early Childhood Education
  • ELED 6358 Seminar in Early Childhood-Kindergarten
  • ELED 6300 Selected Topics

Additional Requirements

  • 6 semester hours approved by faculty advisor (non-thesis option)
      OR CUIN 6308 and CUIN 6309 (thesis option)
  • CUIN 6305 Professional Research




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