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Results for UHV Victors

(YMCA Full Results)

3 Legged Race

5th place
Team: Curtis Moyer, Amy Hatmaker, Erika Vermillion, Brent Carter, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton
Captain: Charlie Striedel

Bunny Hop Sack Race

4th place
Team: Erika Vermillion, Donna Lutz, Bryan Hobgood
Captain: Erika Vermillion

Balloon Toss

Tied 4th and 5th places
Team: Donna Lutz, Bryan Hobgood, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton
Captain: Yvonne Garcia

The Punt, Pass, Kick Team

4th Place
Team: Michael Wilkinson, Jeremy Sanchez, Gloria Wooton
Captain: Brandon Lee

Horseshoes Team

3rd Place
Team: Dr. Vic Morgan, Margaret Rice, Matt Wooton, Gloria Wooton
Captain: Matt Wooton

Washers Team

2nd Place
Team: Raubin Schmidt, Jeremy Sanchez
Team Captain: Laura Smith

Bowling Team

1st Place
Team: Trudy Wortham, Jeff Cass, Mike Wortham, Gary Hatter and Amy Hatmaker
Captain: Trudy Wortham

Kickball Team

2nd Place
Team: Billy Lagal, Curtis Moyer, Amy Hatmaker, Kyle Motal, Gary Hatter, Yvonne Garcia, Jess Mudd, Greg Martin, Reese Johnson, Brynea Matthews
Team Captain: Billy Lagal

Tug of War Team

4th Place
Team: Ashley Kellis-Carr, Curtis Moyer, Hannah Moss, Amy Hatmaker, Samantha Perez, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton, Jose Muniz, Claudio Gonzalez, Casey Waites
Captain: Ashley Kellis-Carr

Tossball Team

2nd Place
Team: Jeremy Shapiro, Jeremy Sanchez, Billy Lagal, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton, Jose Muniz, Ashley Kellis-Carr, Casey Waites
Captain: Billy Lagal

Volleyball Team

3rd Place
Team: Curtis Moyer, Hannah Moss, Amy Hatmaker, Claudio Gonzalez, Krislyn Martinez, Akalina Sanchez, Jeremy Sanchez, Billy Lagal, Jena West, Gloria Wooton, Anthony Bryson, Jess Mudd
Team Captain:  Billy Lagal and Jena West)

6 Mile Relay Team

6th Place
Team: Liane Tanguay, Miliano DeHoys, Akalina Sanchez, Jesse Pisors, Jeremy Sanchez
Team Captain: Jeff Cass

One Mile Walk Team

1st place
Team: Dr. Vic Morgan, Oscar Torres, Akalina Sanchez, Jeremy Shapiro, Jeremy Sanchez, Vangie Kolesar
Team Captain:  Shirley Jung

Dodgeball Team

2nd place
Team: Jay Lambert, Amy Hatmaker, Claudio Gonzalez, Billy Lagal, Jena West, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton, Sara Thurmond, Yuritzi Avila
Team Captain: Jay Lambert

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