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UHV Victors
2012 Sign-Up Sheet

***If both employee and spouse are participating, please complete a separate sign up sheet for each.***

Please indicate a preference for each event you wish to participate in.

Event Date & Time of Event Preference
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Tug of War 9/13/12;   6:30pm
Toss Ball 9/13/12;   7:30pm
6-Mile Relay 9/15/12;   7:00am
Cycling 9/15/12;   8:15am
Kickball 9/15/12; 11:00am
Golf 9/16/12;   1:30pm
Bowling 9/16/12;   4:45pm
Basketball 9/17/12;   7:30pm
Swimming 9/17/12;   8:55pm
Volleyball 9/20/12;   6:30pm
Softball 9/22/12;   8:30am
Horseshoes 9/23/12;   1:30pm
Washers 9/23/12;   1:30pm
Team Broad Jump 9/23/12;   3:30pm
4 x 80 Relay 9/23/12;   4:30pm
Water Balloon Toss 9/23/12;   5:30pm
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