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University of Houston - Victoria


  • UHV Victors Softball1st place winners of 2013 VICTORIA YMCA CORPORATE CUP Div.II Softball
  • UHV Victors Softball(Back) Matt Wooton, (Middle) Jeremy Sanchez, Billy Lagal, Matt Alexander, Greg Martin, Curtis Moyer, (front) Gloria Wooton, Emily Bergstrom, Whitney Schroeder, Jena West
  • UHV Victors BowlingAmy Hatmaker, Jeff Cass, Matt Wooton, Mike Wortham, Trudy Wortham
  • UHV Victors BasketballJeremy Shapiro, Arturo Hernandez, Amy Hatmaker, Gloria Wooton
  • UHV Victors Tug of WarJeff Sartain, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton, Shirley Jung, Bryan Hobgood, Whitney Schroeder, Ernest Amador, Emily Raybon, Ruston Raybon, Jeremy Sanchez, Nancy Gresham
  • UHV Victors TossballShoulders:Emily Raybon; (Back) Brian Hobgood, Matt Wooton; (Middle) Emily Berstrom, Billy Lagal, Ruston Raybon;(Front) Jeremy Shapiro,Jeremy Sanchez, Gloria Wooton
  • UHV Victors 6 Mile Relay Gloria Wooton, Gino Tozzi, Jeremy Sanchez, Jeff Cass, Jena West
  • UHV Victors 1 Mile WalkJeremy Sanchez, Paige Ruschhaupt, Jena West, Oscar Torres, Shirley Jung, Mark Martinez
  • UHV Victors Washers1st place winners of 2013 VICTORIA YMCA CORPORATE CUP Div.II Washers: Jeremy Sanchez, Robin Raubin
  • UHV Victors Horse ShoesMatt Wooton, Gloria Wooton, Mark Martinez
UHV Victors Softball1 UHV Victors Softball2 UHV Victors Bowling3 UHV Victors Basketball4 UHV Victors Tug of War5 UHV Victors Tossball6 UHV Victors 6 Mile Relay7 UHV Victors 1 Mile Walk8 UHV Victors Washers10 UHV Victors Horse Shoes9

(YMCA Corporate Cup)

1 Mile Walk/Jog

2nd Place
TEAM: Shirley Jung, Mark Martinez, Paige Ruschhaupt, Jeremy Sanchez, Oscar Torres, Jena West

6 Mile Relay

6th Place
TEAM: Jeff Cass, Jeremy Sanchez, Gino Tozzi, Jena West, Gloria Wooton Note- Jeremy made his personal best 3 1/2 miles in 25.3 minutes!


7th Place
TEAM: Amy Hatmaker, Gloria Wooton, Jeremy Shapiro, Arturo Hernandez


4th place
TEAM: Jeff Cass, Amy Hatmaker, Matt Wooton, Mike Wortham, Trudy Wortham


4th Place
TEAM: Charles Alcorn, Devon Deuser, Paul Ebner, Ash Walyuchow

Horse Shoes

5th and 6th Place
TEAM: Matt Wooton, Gloria Wooton, Mark Martinez


1st Place
TEAM: Matt Alexander, Emily Bergstrom, Greg Martin, Billy Lagal, Curtis Moyer, Jeremy Sanchez, Whitney Schroeder, Jena West, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton

Toss Ball

7th, 8th, 9th place
TEAM: Billy Lagal, Jeremy Sanchez, Jeremy Shapiro, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton, Emily Bergstrom, Ruston Raybon, Emily Raybon

Team Broad Jump

2nd place
TEAM: Billy Lagal, Shirley Jung, Mary Borden, Gloria Wooton, Doug Bordon, Margaret Rice, Emily Raybon, Ruston Raybon, Joseph Galvan (Team Captain: Jeremy Sanchez)

Tug of War

4th place
TEAM: Shirley Jung, Emily Raybon, Ruston Raybon, Jeremy Sanchez, Whitney Schroeder, Gloria Wooton, Matt Wooton, Bryan Hobgood, Jeff Sartain, Nancy Gresham, Ernest Amador


4th Place
TEAM: Greg Garcia, Billy Lagal, Mark Martinez, Emily Raybon, Ruston Raybon, Paige Ruschhaupt, Jeremy Sanchez, Bethany Martinez, Gloria Wooton, Emily Bergstrom


1st Place
TEAM: Jeremy Sanchez, Robin Raubin

4 x 80 Relay

3rd place
TEAM: Brandon Lee, Billy Lagal, Jena West, Gloria Wooton (Team Captain: Billy Lagal)

Three Legged Race

2nd place
TEAM: Emily Raybon, Ruston Raybon, Gloria Wooton, Billy Lagal, Erika Vermillion, Charlie Striedel (Team Captain: Charlie Striedel)

Bunny Hop/Potato Sack Races

8th place
TEAM: Dr. Castille, Erika Vermillion, Gloria Wooton (Team Captain: Jena West)

Balloon Toss

5,6, 7,8 place
Dr. Castille, Matt Wooton, Gloria Wooton, Erika Vermillion

Dr. Castille earned the team 10 points for participating in 2 events on Saturday!

A big Thank you to the 5 volunteers who came out and earned 4 points for the team as Corporate Cup Volunteers - Amy Hatmaker, Kendra Matthews, Eunice Mesa, Curtis Moyer, and Natalia Ruiz