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Special Events Area, Riverside Park


Saturday, September 24, 2005


All Division - Check-in 9:30 am, event at 10:00 pm



  1. Teams will be made up of one male and one female.

  2. This is a double elimination tournament.

  3. Teams will flip a coin to determine who throws first.

  4. One team member throws three (3) washers, then the opposing team member throws three (3) washers. The team with the highest points scores all the points. If two ringers from the same team and one ringer from the other team, only one ringer counts for the team that had two ringers.

  5. The team that reaches 21 points first is the winner.

  6. Scoring:

    5 points in the cup (ringer)
    3 points on the edge (Daylight Rule: Must see through the inside diameter of the washer into the cup.)
    1 point closest to the cup

  7. The distance from cup to cup is 21 feet. The cup is a 3" diameter hole and 4 1/2" deep. A 1" diameter washer (inside diameter of the washer) shall be used in the tournament.

  8. Any method of throwing may be used (end over end, spinning, etc.). Thrower may not step past the cup when throwing. Foot fouls are called by the opponent at the end of the court and are a loss of that washer only.

  9. The Rules and Scoring Committee will settle all conflicts.