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Victoria YMCA

Sunday, September 22, 2005

Div I, check-in 5:30, event at 6:00 p.m.
Div II, check-in 6:00, event at 6:30 p.m.

Div III, check-in 6:30, event at 7:00 p.m.

100 yard Freestyle Relay- CO-ED



  1. In all Division, the 100 yard Relay team will consist of one co-ed team made up of (3) participants (swimmers) with a minimum of one (1) male and (1) femail participating. One swimmer does a 50 yards leg, (50 consist of two lengths of the pool). Two swimmers doing a 25 yards leg (25 consists of one length of the pool).

First leg

50 yards

Second leg

25 yards

Third leg

25 yards

  1. The hand touch is not required at the turn. It is sufficient if any part of the swimmer touches the solid wall or pad at the end of the pool course.

  2. A swimmer shall have finished his leg when any part of his person touches solid wall or pad at end of pool. No swimmer shall start until his/her teammate has concluded his leg.

  3. No swimmer shall swim more than one leg in any relay event.

  4. The first leg may start the race in the pool or utilize a standing start from the pool deck.

  5. Swimmers who fail to appear in time for the command "swimmers take your mark" will be disqualified.

  6. False Starts:

    1. Any swimmer who unnecessarily delays in assuming and holding a completely motionless starting position after the command "swimmers take your mark" shall be charged with a false start. The Starter shall immediately release all other swimmers with the command "stand up".

    2. When the starting signal is given and one or more swimmers have obtained an unfair advantage by leaving their mark early, all swimmers shall be recalled at once by a second signal. The Starter shall indicate the swimmer(s) to be charged with the false start.

    3. A swimmer drawn off of his mark by the actions of another swimmer may be relieved of a false start at the Starter's discretion.

    4. A swimmer who fails to appear at his mark in time for the initial start of the race may not be permitted to enter the race should a false start be declared on that race.

    5. Only one false start per team will be allowed at the start of the race. A second false start results in disqualification.

  7. Racing Regulations:

    1. The hand touch is not required at the turn. Any part of the body touching the end wall is sufficient.

    2. The swimmer will have finished the race or his leg, when any part of his body touches the end wall.

    3. A swimmer whose feet have lost touch with the pool deck before his preceding teammate touches the end wall shall be disqualified.

    4. Disqualification will result if a team member other than the designated swimmer enters the pool before all teams have finished the race.

  8. Racing Etiquette:

    1. Any swimmer who acts in an unsportsmanlike manner may be disqualified.

    2. A swimmer must start and finish a race in his assigned lane. Interfering with another swimmer shall be cause for disqualification.

    3. Standing on the bottom during a race shall not disqualify a swimmer but he must not walk, spring from the bottom or leave the pool.

    4. No flippers, fins, snorkels or any other equipment are allowed. Goggles and swim caps are permitted.

    5. Swimmer may enter the water to get wet before the Starter calls the swimmers to their mark.


      10.  Disqualification of an individual results in team disqualification.