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Riverside Park

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Check-in 8:30 am, event at 9:00 am




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  1. Each Corporate Cup team may enter one (1) cycling team consisting of three cyclists. All team members must complete the course. A team without three riders has an option to participate and take a three-minute penalty for each rider not participating.

  2. Each rider must be able to complete the course within a 45-minute time span.

  3. The team roster must be turned in 20 minutes before the race. Each rider should have his individual time prediction written on the roster, next to his name. Determining the difference of the riderís actual time from the predicted time will score the event. The "error" for each of the four riders will then be added together to determine the team score. The team with the lowest total "error" will be the winner. Note that the "error" will be the difference from the predicted time. It will make no difference if the rider is too fast or too slow.

  4. No speedometers, watches, clocks, other forms of timing equipment, or another person pacing the rider are allowed. The penalty will result in disqualification.

  5. Riders are not allowed to use radios or wear headsets. Cellular phones are prohibited.

  6. Every rider shall wear a protective, securely fastened helmet. The rider is responsible for his own helmet, making sure it provides sufficient protection and does not restrict the riders' vision. The last captainís meeting should bring all equipment questions forward.

  7. Riders must wear a shirt or jersey, shoes, cycling shorts or other appropriate pants. Long pants must be kept from interfering with the bicycle chains or spokes.

  8. The course in indicated on the map provided.

  9. Racing Regulations:

    1. False starts will be signaled with a double gunshot.

    2. Cyclists will start without a holder, one foot on the ground and may not receive a push.

    3. Racers will be sent off in 3 waves with only 1 team member allowed per wave.

  10. Racing Etiquette:

    1. No rider may make an abrupt motion so as to interfere with the forward progress of another rider, either intentionally or by accident.

    2. Competitors may dismount at their pleasure, stay on course, but must not interfere with other riders.

    3. Any rider who appears to present a danger to the other competitors may be disqualified by the chief referee either before or during the race.